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Hey, The Book of Unwritten Tales guys, King Art Games, are making an RPG about Dwarves.

Someone tell Vinny.

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First heard about it a few years ago when I was looking for lesser known games of the era I missed. Nearly bought it a few times, and then I just forgot about it until this remaster was announced.

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@theburlaplemur also posted another one of his "Bitesize Bomb" videos.

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Also, welcome to Giant Bomb Austin!

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Asura's Wrath.

First PS3 game I've played since Puppeteer over a year ago. Trying to knock a few out of my backlog.

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Star Wars basically was my childhood. I still remember that day in Sam's Club, my parents saw the original trilogy on VHS, said they knew I would like it, and boy were they right. I loved it. I was obsessed with Star Wars. I read a number of the books, got really into collecting the action figures, and played as many of the games I could find. When the prequels were coming out I was still at the height of my obsession, and I enjoyed all of them immensely at first (I was just a kid). I even bought an XBOX initially just to play Knights of The Old Republic (Which coincidentally ended up being the game that really got me into gaming. Still my favorite.). Over the years I became less fond of the prequels, though I still argue they have redeemable quality's and are acceptable, decent even, movies. Still love the original trilogy a ton and they remain my favorite movies to this day.

So yeah, I'm really excited about Episode VII. I love the Star Wars universe and I'm really happy that its coming back in a big way.

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@milkman said:

This just makes me really want some sort of futuristic Zelda game.


I may actually try using a Motorcycle in MK8 now. I had a hard time grasping how to control them well and just stuck with Karts.

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First heard of it probably 5 or so years ago. I spent some time looking for "hidden gems" of the PS2/Xbox/GC era, and Phantom Dust was one of the titles I found, but never ended up getting it. I think the card based gameplay put me off and I forgot about it. I was genuinely surprised to see it make a comeback today. The whole time during the trailer I was thinking: "There's no way this could be Phantom Dust, right?"

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NNID: DarthColeslaw

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Fist one I bothered to upload. Thought it had some neat shots.

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Started to mess with the different editing options with this one. Tried focusing on multiple characters and using the "big hits" option.

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This race was back and forth the whole way through. Decided to upload because of last second first place finish.

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Rosalina. Because Space Princess. Yoshi is my secondary. Like to use Peach, Toad and the Mario Bros. on occasion.