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First heard of it probably 5 or so years ago. I spent some time looking for "hidden gems" of the PS2/Xbox/GC era, and Phantom Dust was one of the titles I found, but never ended up getting it. I think the card based gameplay put me off and I forgot about it. I was genuinely surprised to see it make a comeback today. The whole time during the trailer I was thinking: "There's no way this could be Phantom Dust, right?"

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NNID: DarthColeslaw

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Fist one I bothered to upload. Thought it had some neat shots.

Started to mess with the different editing options with this one. Tried focusing on multiple characters and using the "big hits" option.

This race was back and forth the whole way through. Decided to upload because of last second first place finish.

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Rosalina. Because Space Princess. Yoshi is my secondary. Like to use Peach, Toad and the Mario Bros. on occasion.

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I just...I don't...I can't...this is terrible. Such a shock. Ryan has been one of my favorite journalists since his days at Gamespot. He will be missed. :(

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Yes. To all of this.

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After playing Lego Batman 2 recently, I was really hoping this would happen.

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I always look forward to these, especially since I don't have the time to watch the full quick looks at the moment. And I've got to say, these were some of the best in a while. That's a bummer about those being taken down though. If you need any extra material, may I suggest pulling from the Diner Dash quick look? I thought that was one of the funnier earlier ones, And I don't think you've used it yet.

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GT: Coleslaw893

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PSN: Coleslaw893

Mostly Weekends. Mention Giant Bomb or NFS.