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@NickL:  I'll buy that concept for a million bucks.
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@project343:  I will join you in that asplosion.
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Based on my xp with long distance relationships I would say you might as well try, if it doesn't work it doesn't work.  No point giving up before you even start.

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I used to sweat buckets in school too, but that was coz I was nervous as shit.  Thank fuck those days are long gone.

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@PeasantAbuse:  Because... porn?
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If you know anyone with an compressor air line and has the blow air gun attachment  you could ask them to borrow it to try blow the ants out of it?  Of course don't give it full blast or it will probably blow off your keys.

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@Prodstep said:

I hate children.

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Popcap probably still like 100 miles away if not more.

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@tunaburn said:
@Colin: holy shit thats a lot of time!   props to you for being that into it! I would definitely be in the 25 hour a week spot if i didnt train MMA everyday..... sacrifice i guess
Haha well if I had something else to do I'd probably do that.  Also note I don't watch any TV at all so basically starcraft streams are my TV channels :P
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I generally spend all day watching let's plays and starcraft streams since I'm currently unemployed so probably 50 - 70 hours a week I guess, but it's on a second monitor so I'm still looking around the internetz chatting on msn or whatever with it in the background.