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I wonder how much money Ultimate Team in Fifa 12 made (more than $100 million?). Hella lotta money from one game mode alone and more than they're spending on R&D :/

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Not sure what the variety is over there in convenience stores but you might as well go for a generic boring six-pack of beer. In my opinion it would be the best baseline start from. Save the more "exotic" drinks for later. And why did it take so long for someone to suggest Cider?

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Been watching stuff since 9am and have to say it's fairly snazzy. The UI is basic (using PS3) but does the job, the app was only 13mb after all. The search is quick. Love how you can cancel so quickly and easily. I can now watch Top Gear whenever I want (without turning on Dave). Since they have deals with the BBC I can't wait for some more shows like QI, Michell and Webb Look etc. In Ireland so don't get iPlayer. Kinda disappointed that only season 10 to 14 of South Park are there bar a few compilations and that, for me anyway, they only play in 4:3. But hey whatever, first time I've tried anything like this and it's FREE so can't complain. If they update it at all I'll be paying. :)

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Something akin to an escape rope in Pokemon. Or is there already something like this that I have overlooked?

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Thanks! We don't get to see what goes on in the studios that much. Actually looks like a nice place to work.

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I have actually noticed this. Some of my friends hairbrushes look extremely suspicious and I have taken to referring to them as dildos, which they don't like.

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Hey, Feb. 9th is my birthday! It ain't just another day. And now i'll spend it crying.

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Holy Crap! Well, bye, bye social life. I'm leaving you for a better place :P

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@Fallen189 said:
" I have friends. I like facebook. "