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Cool idea:

Runcorn WA7

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@genghisfun: No ruse. Been saving and planning for this for a few years and without going into too much details, it's basically a treat for myself.

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Thanks guys! Looks like I will be busy for a good few months.

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@rowr will check out those RTS titles. That is one thing I have missed playing as the have never crossed over well.

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@i_stay_puft PC exclusive really. Anything that crossed over onto either the PS3, 360 or PS4 I've probably played and I'm not really a double dipper.

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@mb So quick copy and paste of specs:

Processor: i7-5820K

Motherboard: ASUS X99 DELUXE


Graphics Card : 4GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 970

@gaspowerI really did consider building it myself, I even work in IT but I am nothing in not a lazy lazy man.

@mosespippy & @mikeeegeeeI've played minecraft and own Diablo III on PS4 and yeah it's awesome! I am going to try DOTA for sure, but man that games seems intimidating looking in from the outside.

Witcher - yeah! That's something I think I could get into, especially with the 3rd due. Nice one!

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So yeah, ordered myself a PC and I am guessing during my 9 year console hiatus there must of been some amazing PC games I have missed?

Can anyone recommend some games they would consider must try's? I generally don't play FPS unless there is some RPG element ala Borderlands, but apart from that I'm willing to play almost anything.

I think my first purchases will be Gone Home, Jazzpunk and Divinity:original sin.

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Ó Coileáin was my family name before they moved to mainland and changed it to Collins. Or that could just be my dad lying to me.

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I'm just coming off a year semi-hiatus from video games. Mostly just watched streams and videos of other people playing during that time

This describes my current situation perfectly. I can sit and watch 3 quick looks back to back but can't get stuck into anything myself.

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