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@Fobwashed: Much appreciated. Anything worth doing isn't easy as the saying goes.

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This is pretty great, but I would appreciate good old Megaman style of boss select.

At Rydok fight I feel that the hummingbirds should come in fixed pattern or atleast fixed heights. It would make that the fight has less of bullshit moments based on luck. I also would appreciate if rydoks projectiles would have little longer pause before shooting the next patch of em.

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Recent rage quit was my own fault, at king of fighters 13 fighting against my friend. But it was just because I had cold and bad day that it all accumulated to state where I threw my PS3 controller so hard it shattered to pieces. I use to do more rage quitting, but playing mortal kombat online for whole day just the teleporting and lag alone me so passive and calm that rarely these days I get any angry at all. Now days it just makes me feel sad that I couldn't have proper fight in fighting games because of lag if there is any.

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Shame i am on coding some php when that happens.

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I wasn't angry or bummed out when that did happen. I just stayed calm. I just had the basic annoyed feeling when your something doesn't work even if you don't use the device right now. I had mass effect 2 and Neverwinter nights 1 to past the time.

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I have not had this feeling of must play in long time.

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Aah the game. Best day I had in a while when I played that to end.

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Whole quicklook i was thinking two things. 1. Kick the people who are down and 2. You have to command your characters to get up!