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That's nice! Maybe my PS3 will see some use again, hehe.

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Yep. When my first GameCube died I got rid of all my games for it. Then slowly got most of them back when I bought another one.

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@Waffles13 said:  
Lots of games fall here for me, but the one that sticks out is AC6. Everyone swoons over how great the story is, and while I respect how ridiculous it is for a jet game, I didn't find it interesting in the least and I hated every single character. "
I didn't even care for the story in that one. I haven't seen any of the cutscenes and I'm on Playthrough 3. vOv
Ace Combat 5 was pretty good though.
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Sounds fun, I'm in.

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Playing P3FES and ocasionally Ace Combat 5.

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I still read these babies once a year. If today's Collector Editions had that kinda books in it, I'd be a million times more inclined to buy them.
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PC Mostly. My 360 is for singleplayer and exclusives, PS3 is for multi-platform, multiplayer and exclusives that I don't feel like getting on PC for whatever reason.

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I like the pace of current FPS games, but a little Unreal Tournament once in a while dosen't hurt!

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I've been feeling like giving BLOPs a go recently and I have a question; The multiplayer is not code based, right? As in, you do not need to enter a code that comes with the game in order to play it (A CD Key if you will).
I've heard a lot of talk about finding ways to make profit off the used game market and I'm quite certain this would impact the game rentals market as well, though I'm not sure if this practice has been applied to that scale already.
So, what's the word? Go or no go?

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