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Im just about to tick my 100th hour.  What a moment.  I could play this game for eternity.

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I like the loot shepard theory... seriously though, the shouldnt kill him off. hes one of the best main characters this generation.  Much better than a lot of the stereotypical brutish leads out there.

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HOLY SHIT YEAH!!! I can't wait... my vote is that Shepard is not dead... bioware is setting up the art of blur on us.

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bobbleheads were a biatch to find... I call liar to anyone who says they didn't use a guide of some type.

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I was an idiot with the achievments and forgot to keep any saves to get neutral/bad at the different levels... luckily I saved on at level 19.  Im in the same boat as you. I was at the last mission, ready to go with about 5 side quests remaining at level 20.  I did my sidequests and then beat the game.  My goal now is to play all three DLC's back to back in april so I get a little Fallout 3.5 experience.  While I wait, I am playing Fable 2 as well as Orange box which I never played and I bought burnout paradise yesterday... I got plenty to do.

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Thats like cooking up a prime piece of Delmonico Steak, shitting on it and serving it a childs birthday party....

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This is easy... The guy at the beginning of Blades of Steel who says, "BLADES OF STEEL!" easy.

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I finished Fallout a couple weeks ago and now Im playing through Fable... Honestly, both games kinda compliment each other as they are both oposite in their subject matter and really RPG game styles.  What I'm saying is that I really like them both for different reasons... If you put a gun to my head and said, "pick one!" I wouldn't hesitate in picking Fallout 3... Gritty, funny, addicting, huge... Its an amazing game.  Get em' both!

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Jayge said:
"AndrewGaspar said:
"Jayge said:
"AndrewGaspar said:
"Didn't mean to start a flame war, guys.

ColMustard stop being a douche.

"You shoulda bought it the superior version of it"

"I used to go to system wars and everybody else but me was soooooooooo lame."

STFU. You're just making yourself sound like a douche."
Gaspar, he's not being a douche. He's stating a fact. Drop it."
I'm not complaining about him saying the PS3 version is the worst. I knew that when I bought it. I'm annoyed that he thinks he's better than everybody else in System Wars. This is the hierarchy of the internet:

GiantBomb is on top of course: nearly perfect
Then we have the other various forums and discussion sites
Down near the bottom is 4chan with mostly repulsive
At the bottom is System Wars, which is COMPLETELY repulsive. Saying you're better than anybody here is like saying you're proud that you're more sophisticated than an amoeba."
I think you're overthinking this a bit o.o"
Thanks Jayge... Honestly, I was just stating the point that had I bought Fallout3 for PS3 and now knowing that its my game of year, maybe game of gen (mass Effect) I'd probably be fairly dissapointed that the DLC was exclussive to the 360.  If "Bring Down the Sky" only dropped on PC I'd be pissed... Whats funny is that I admitted (like I give a shit) to spending some time over at system wars and I stated a completely reasonable argument and alot of these holier than thou posters who despise system wars are acting like they live there.  interesting.
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I don't own a HDTv so bluray is nothing more than a useless add-in.  The one or two great exclusives that Sony has don't warrant a 300 dollar purchase.  The biggest thing is just that being a 360 owner, I get the best library of games as well as the best online and my preference for controller.  Unfortunatly Sony has really done nothing to separate itself from being the XBOX of last gen... More expencive, slightly more powerful and lacking in "buy me now" library. make sence?