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AndrewGaspar said:
"My problem with the DLC is that it's not coming to PS3. =P"
you shoulda bought it the superior version of it...
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TheGTAvaccine said:
"I was level 20 with a shitload of sidequests left, and a shitload of the story left."

I will admit that I was jonesing for a few more levels, 25? 30? it would be cool. But hey, DLC will add the extras.
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my first playthrough was 70 hours long and I can honestly say, maybe 5 glitches that whole time... None were game altering.  Mostly it was stupid little things.

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Tranquility Lane was my "Oh My GOD, game of the year" moment in Fallout... it threw me over the edge...

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I actually drank a few nuka quantums before I realized they were for a quest... After i finished that quest, Sierra must have bumped into Dogmeat wrong, because he and Fawkes went batshit crazy on her... I had to reload a save because they killed her.

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Theres alot to be said for leveling up to enjoy the experience too... Choosing good perks like the one that gives you alot more ammo takes the somewhat annoying aspect of being frugal with your bullets out of the equation.  I never fired a single energy weapon in the entire game. used every weapon and bullet as trade to keep up with my small weapons.  It takes a few hours, but once you find your grove your rockin...

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yup I can help you... your overwhellmed by the size of the area as you walked out of Vault 101... Your thinking "oh jesus, I've gotta roam this massive landscape of brown and gray and do a bunch of fetch quests" STOP! now let me infuse some reality... The quests are the best I've seen this generation... you will fall in love with or hate most of the characters. RPG elements such as inventory manegement and perks are done so well.  The main story is gripping, the combat is engaging, especially the VATS system. Bottom line, just get familiar with your surroundings a bit and let the quests start rolling in... Do 5 quests, if after 5 quests your feeling the same, then move on.

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good one jayge... blood ties is awesome.

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Worst for me has to be either Wasteland Survival Guide or Nuka Cola... Moira was kinda annoying and both quests were fairly lifeless...

Best Quest... I don't think this will be a popular opinion but "tranquility lane" in Vault 112 was a mind screw that I was not expecting after 30 hours of wandering around the wastes... Really enjoyed it.

How bout you?

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Dogmeat died a handfull of times in my quest.  I just reloaded an old save.  I finished the game with him and Fawkes fighting along side.  I sent him to Vault 101 for the last quest because there was no way he'd make it through "take it back."  Tip for anyone playing the wastes with Dogmeat: Keep him the fuck away from Radscorpions... Dogmeat gets right in their grill and he's too week to damage them to any extent but 4 or 5 whips of the Radscorpions stinger will kill his ass... Can't imagine trying to keep him alive without Fawkes, as he drives 1/3 of the enemies away and packs a serious mean punch.