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Like a whole shit-ton of other people, I have been sucked into the awesomeness of Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer.  About 19 hours probably. (Not many games have the power over me to force me to play for more than 6 in two weeks.)
While playing I've been hearing comments from friends as well as others about one issue they believe is ruining the game. Camping.  Some defend it as a legit strategy, others condemn it as a cheap way for kills. This debate goes way back to the start of online gaming, but never have I seen it so popular now.
As for me, my opinion goes both ways. Obviously, in objective gametypes when you need to defend, camping is usually the best way to go. Its the smartest and most efficient way to defend the flag, capture point, demolition site, whatever it may be.
On the other hand, you have a gametype like Team Deathmatch. I've had games where people would hide in a window then 1 shot me with a sniper, or just hide somewhere in a corridor. Although this gets frustrating, I still try to take them out and usually succeed in doing so with grenades or my knife. However, it's the people that silence their Barret or put a heart beat sensor on it that really frustrate me. (Yo dawg we heard you like camping, so we put a radar on your gun so you can camp while you camp) Not only are you hiding, but you can see where I am. Why should I have to sacrifice a perk to be able to take you out?  I even ran into one instance where a camperwas camping another camper- LAME. Kill streaks don't help this much, as you just farm them to get a chopper gunner or AC-130.  These are pretty lame on the receiving end, as an AC-130 can kill you 2 or 3 times before you can actually leave the spawn.
Anyways, I still love the multiplayer. I wish a little more people would play run n' gun but hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I was wondering how everyone here thought about this whole topic since it seems to be a popular issue in this game.  Feel free to agree or disagree and post your thoughts.

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The apprentice made me his bitch... five times in a row. I mean, I wouldn't say I'm that good, but I beat everyone else in 2 rounds straight. Algol killed himself twice in a row too. It made my day, he jumped out of the ring.

But yeah the apprentice handed my ass to me. Hes just so cheap, and I'm sure the xbox live 5 year olds use sigfreid, nightmare, and the apprentice, and just hit every button. I don't know yet though I haven't been online.

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Unfortunately I have no way of playing Quake 3 :(. Also, does it run directly out of the browser, so I wouldn't have to download anything in my computer engineering class?

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Well eagle, I'm not going to ask you for an invite, but is it worthwile? Is it fun? And will beginners such as myself, get owned within seconds.

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I read about Quake Live in March in a Gameinformer magazine. It said it was free, and well, I love free games. I have never played Quake before but it looks fun enough. Well right after I read it I immediately signed up for the beta but not even an email saying I didn't get in. Has anyone here gotten into the Beta, One of my friends signed up the day it came out on 3 different emails and he hasn't gotten in yet.

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There aren't many games that can even top Ocarina. Everything around it is so well crafted. The thing is, for it's time it was so revolutionary. But for TP, well it hasn't added much new gameplay mechanics, just a few sword moves, and changing into a wolf but thats about all I could notice. Nonetheless, both are excellent games.

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You guys know you can get the classic Doom games on Steam right? You can get them for 10 bucks each, or 40 dollars if you buy all of them together, and yes that includes Doom 3 and Ressurection of Evil. You can even download a source-port and have it play with updated graphics. It's awesome. If you want to know how to do any of this just PM me and I'll tell you how.

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I thought it was awesome and hilarious. No one does a podcast quite like them.  And my sideburn question got on there hahaha.

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Okay, I've wanted to play an instrument for a long time but it wasn't until now that I've wanted to play the drums. I found a nice Fender Squier Bass on the side of the road during junk time, and it works fine, but definitely not for me. So anyway, I'm looking to spend 400-500 dollars, I have someone who can teach me drums, I just need a middle of the road sort of drumkit. I'm almost sold on the Tama Imperialstar that's at my local music store, but I want to have recommendations  first.

So, does anyone know of middle of the road drums and cymbals they could recommend to me?

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The Dog House in New Bedford MA.  You won't ever get  a better burger.

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