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For every legitimate video this is hurting, there are three or more videos using rights without permission and profiting from such uses.

Stats? That's a hefty claim to make. So for every "Let's Play" or review, there are three other videos using that same content, and somehow making illegitimate money from it? With video games, I just don't see it.

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Been there done that.

Did not see that. Thanks :) If the mods feel like banishing this thread to internet purgatory, feel free.

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@wolfgame: Didn't notice it on the Ryan Davis page. Thanks for the heads up.

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Jimmy Kimmel does a segment called "Celebrities Read Mean Tweets" and guess who got their mean tweet read? Giant Bomb's very own Taswell. I'll admit, I did a double take, but it very much was Ryan. Somehow I think it's appropriate that Ryan still gets his shots in from beyond the grave.

Link here.

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I salute you duder. Amazing.

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I hate cheetos.

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WU-TANG. 36 Chambers. Not that NWA isn't great, but I prefer the WU-TANG family overall.

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I just beat it. It wasn't easy at all. Basically it came down to me phaselocking her, running in circles to avoid her elemental attacks, phaselocking some more, and getting potshots in with a Torgue assault rifle I had in my inventory. Thanks for the tips though, I'll be sure to employ them for the future boss fights coming up. Now if y'all will excuse me, I'll be having a celebratory drink.

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Have you tried using orb of slag on him and what weapons are you using? I finished getting my commando to 61 and I used The Bee shield and a double unkempt harold. You will die a bunch using it but it gave me the extra dps I needed to kill.

Are you able to get to his slag phase at the end?

edit:nvm orb of slag comment I meant is the cata phaselock slagging him

I don't know the gun names offhand, but I've got a corrosive shotgun, Moxxi's fire smg, a vladof assualt rifle, and a random assortment of pistols/rocket launchers. I'm thinking of going back to sanctuary and getting some better weapons. Unfortunately I can't use the Bee because I'm not far enough along in the story & my other characters aren't a high enough level to make it useful.