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With soft-caps at 25, I basically made a qualify build with the rest in Vitality and Endurance

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Which bosses have you defeated?

Um... The big spider, The witches, Vicar Amelia, and all of the ones in between? I've also cleared the first Chalice Dungeon and am one level into another.

EDIT: I've died probably 25 times in the village at this point, which is easily twice as much as any other area so far.

There is a cheese strategy for the hunters that leash together. Aggro them and then haul ass back to the Lamp. They will get stuck in the doorway, where you can just attack them through the wall until they die.

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Just beat the game right now. The bosses I thought were most challenging were surprisingly the ones I beat on my first try. Overall, this game is more inspired in enemy and level design than dark souls 2, though I was never one that complained about the quality of that game.

People often think the "souls" franchise of games is its own genre, but in reality, this is a boss rush in the same vein as megaman or metal gear solid.

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You can actually get the game to loop spawns after you get a chest in the room he's in (and around it) at 4:21. It's called the infinite chest/spinmetal run. It's a lot faster than the traditional rocketyard chest run (which this video shows).

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PS4. PC is about 3 years old now and chugs on a lot of newer games. :(

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I'm pretty sure it's as simple as:

1. Put in your windows OS installation CD

2. Go into your BIOS and change the boot sequence so that your CD drive is first in the boot order

3. Choose to install windows onto your new SSD which should be recognized as a hard drive

4. Change the boot order in your BIOS so that now your SSD is first.

You may have to do some drive formatting in the process, but it should'nt be too hard.

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Are you me? This will take over as my podcast game as well after the 3rd DLC of Dark Souls 2 is released.

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@horseman6: Agreed, every windows track pad I've used is terrible and has lack-luster palm detection (see "how to turn off trackpad gestures" in google and you will see what I'm going on about). All jokes aside, people often mistaken bad track pad on a mac with the lack of clickthrough, which I will admit is a problem and is holding the OS back from reaching economical, click parity with a windows laptop.

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Acer Aspire S7-392Macbook Air
Price$1,050 (Out of Stock on Microsoft Website), $1,219 (Amazon)$1,249
CPUCore i7-4500U

Core i7-4650U



Battery9 hrs

12.5 hrs

Hard Drive256 GB SSD

256 GB SSD



Weight2.87 lbs.

2.96 lbs.

Let's compare that to a Macbook Air. Sounds pretty comparable to me in price and specs.

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Bought the 15'' Pro with dedicated graphics card a few weeks ago (2560 USD). Upgraded from a 2012 Air. There isn't much I miss about the air. The weight difference is not noticeable when I'm carrying the laptop in a backpack.

My vote goes toward the 15'' pro just because the extra screen is wonderful. However, not all apps are compatible with the high-res screen (Hearthstone, I'm looking at you).

Honestly, even using photoshop or large scale image editting (raws for cameras, etc), the Air has enough gusto. The fan in my Air rarely turned on unless I was multitasking with a flash/html5 video running in the background while using photoshop. If you have the money, go with the pro.