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Are you me? This will take over as my podcast game as well after the 3rd DLC of Dark Souls 2 is released.

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@horseman6: Agreed, every windows track pad I've used is terrible and has lack-luster palm detection (see "how to turn off trackpad gestures" in google and you will see what I'm going on about). All jokes aside, people often mistaken bad track pad on a mac with the lack of clickthrough, which I will admit is a problem and is holding the OS back from reaching economical, click parity with a windows laptop.

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Acer Aspire S7-392Macbook Air
Price$1,050 (Out of Stock on Microsoft Website), $1,219 (Amazon)$1,249
CPUCore i7-4500U

Core i7-4650U



Battery9 hrs

12.5 hrs

Hard Drive256 GB SSD

256 GB SSD



Weight2.87 lbs.

2.96 lbs.

Let's compare that to a Macbook Air. Sounds pretty comparable to me in price and specs.

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Bought the 15'' Pro with dedicated graphics card a few weeks ago (2560 USD). Upgraded from a 2012 Air. There isn't much I miss about the air. The weight difference is not noticeable when I'm carrying the laptop in a backpack.

My vote goes toward the 15'' pro just because the extra screen is wonderful. However, not all apps are compatible with the high-res screen (Hearthstone, I'm looking at you).

Honestly, even using photoshop or large scale image editting (raws for cameras, etc), the Air has enough gusto. The fan in my Air rarely turned on unless I was multitasking with a flash/html5 video running in the background while using photoshop. If you have the money, go with the pro.

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Pretty standard paladin deck. Alexstraza was more dead than not when I drew into her.

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There's speculation that LSH might be cut from the show entirely. Think about it... Where was Coldhands?

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Just booted up Hearthstone for the first time in months yesterday. I had a mage draft that should've gone 12. I had some misplays, most likely because I haven't been keeping up.

Amazingly, the next draft after that had 3 legendaries. If it does well, I'll post the results.

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I bet an hour a day goes to just email management. And I'm pretty sure I've seen them eat lunch at their own desk, so that's a little more productivity.

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@laudasolem: Makes me feel insignificant when I hear that the game has been speedrun in 47 minutes already.

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@oni: Thanks for the feedback. I've actually uploaded part 2 based on some other comments from people who viewed the video. I added some voice over commentary instead of relying on the youtube annotations. I've also upped the bitrate for the video to increase the quality (in theory). Based on how quickly im going through it though, there might only be 8 or 9 installments.