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Things I wish I had known:

  • This game is very similar to Demon's Souls.
  • You can be invaded regardless of your hollowed state or not.
  • Weapon durability resets at each bonfire rest. When it breaks, you will need to repair at a blacksmith. Certain weapons will break much more quickly than others.
  • Hidden walls work differently in this game. You need to "interact (x on PS3, A on xbox)" with them instead of hitting them, or rolling through them. Some hidden walls work the same as DkS1
  • Your Estus Flask begins with 1 charge and is upgradable to 12 charges and +5 strength, there is no kindling
  • You will have the opportunity to reallocate your skill points a finite number of times per playthrough.
  • Critical hit modifiers for weapons are now hidden. Daggers and rapiers have large riposte/backstab damage. Medium weapons have mediocre critical damage.
  • To "powerstance" dual wielded weapons, hold the "two handed" button (triangle or Y), till you see a change in stance. You need 150% of each requirement to dual-wield. EX: 10 Str, 10 Dex weapons need 15 Str and 15 Dex to use powerstance mode. Only similarly sized weapons can be used for powerstance.
  • Kick has now been replaced with a bash animation, which will stagger an opponent if their shield is raised, giving the opportunity for a critical hit animation.
  • Consumable healing items are plentiful, don't be afraid to use them
  • I-Frames in rolls are determined by Agility, which is determined by Adaptability and Attunement. Basically, you need to level your rolls now.
  • A two handed swing with a longsword (and many other small weapons) will break poise on a human character, every time. Poise is now almost non-existent.

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So the issue is partially resolved. I deleted the game data files and reinstalled and repatched. However, the AI and texturing is incredibly buggy. The stone knights spawn and work normally, but alternate in colors.... (see screenshot). Maybe the installation files on my disk are wonky.

Also, more inexplicable bugs....

Random fast travel points for future areas...

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@yummylee said:

Wait... there is not a single stone soldier in the entire castle?? That's really weird. There is a mechanic in place that upon killing enemies often enough they'll stop respawning, but from the sounds of things the problem you've encountered is they haven't spawned in the first place?

None have spawned. The area with ruin sentinels, I triggered by pulling royal swordsmen from the first level of the castle. I'm hoping there's a solution like that, but I'm losing hope.

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Hello all,

I'll try to be as spoiler free as possible. I just got to Drangleic Castle and beat the first boss, the Dragonriders x2.

After the bonfire, i climbed the ladder and was placed in the Golem room with the unfilled vase, similar to the front of the castle. I know you're supposed to kill things to get the giant to activate, but my game somehow bugs out and does not spawn certain enemies. The enemies that spawn are: 4x Alonne Archers, 1x Mastadon, 2x Halberd Castle Knights. There are no stone knights that reanimate. The archers and mastadon don't fit though the door way, and neither do the castle knights. I've tried pushing them all the way to the giant's room, but no luck.

This bug has affected me throughout the entire game. The Bellfry Gargoyle fight was impossible because none of the enemies spawned. No man's wharf had about 30% of the enemies in it (no Varangians at all). I've tried redownloading the game updates on the PS3. I've tried starting new games (this one is my third new character). Does anyone have any ideas on how to beat this?

Would killing a pvp phantom work?

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Not a 12 win deck, went 11-3, but one of the craziest hunter drafts ive seen. I was offered 2 king crush, but chose Leeroy, and Cairne.

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I'd say 90% of the time the game is great, the other 10% extremely frustrating. And I REALLY wish they'd separate matchmaking between players that have bought cards with real money and those that haven't, at least in ranked play. Yeah yeah I know it's free-to-play and that's just the nature of the game but it's so fucking irritating when you get wiped out by someone who's clearly dumped a shed load of money into the game and got a bunch of stupidly overpowered cards while you're trying to grind it out the hard way.

There's a player named Reynad who climbed to Legendary, pretty much the top of the ladder in 5 days without spending a penny.

It's true that you can get better cards by just paying money, but look at magic or yugioh, where good decks cost 300 dollars each. At least you can play this game for free. Getting cards is an incentive, not a hurdle.

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@dixavd said:

Every time they wipe the rankings, I have to push myself extra hard to play it again.

I really like the way the game is brought down to the basics but it does mean that minor differences in cards can be what separates, "mostly useless" to "too powerful to have fun using". Also, it needs more synergy going on. I love theme decks in games and it takes a long time to build any in this that aren't just "use the best cards I have for this hero". I think the Arena section is a lot of fun, though I've started to give up on playing semi-frequently to earn gold for Arena.

This is basically how I feel.

Also, I have literally never felt like an Arena loss was my fault. It's always something like "Oh, cool, that guy pulled 3 flamestrikes and a legendary and I have 0 UTHs and 2 mostly useless class rares, and then he topdecked a charge the turn before I had lethal. Neat shit game." I like drafting more than standard in most card games, but Arena in Hearthstone manages to feel completely unfair.

Did you know that Arena matchmaking is based on number of wins? So for instance, if you have an 11 win run and you're gunning for 12, you will most likely face someone who has around 11 wins. The higher you climb in arena, the more often you'll see crazy decks like that.

Mages in particular have been complained about a lot by the community. Some of their neutral cards are just too powerful. Polymorph, Fireball, Flamestrike, Water Elemental.

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@bisonhero said:

@colorbrandon said:

I tried an ArenaValue run, went 7-3 with mage. I disagreed with 3 of the 30 picks, mostly for mana curve reasons.

OK, but they aren't really meant to be "picks" in the first place. It's just a rating he has assigned to each card. The site isn't smart enough to weight the rating up or down depending on external factors like your mana curve, minion/spell count, etc. Also, some of the card descriptions he wrote expressly say "this Enrage card is better in a Mage/Warrior deck", or "Gurubashi what's-his-face is obviously better in a Priest deck", but it's up to you to estimate how much better you think it is.

So they're guidelines, and you should be disagreeing with at least 3 of the picks for mana curve and other reasons.

Arenavalue has an algorithm to weigh cards differently to account for mana curve. You can toggle the option on and off in the settings. Since the site started, the admin has made some changes to the background math. I haven't tested it since though.

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@ajamafalous said:

I've only played 3-5 arenas, most going 3-3 or 4-3 (so just breaking even including the pack, which I'm happy with). I did have one run start 5-0 and then end 6-3 (and all three of my losses were pretty lame) as a Paladin, but yeah. I don't understand how people can win 9-12 games with a deck.

I think I draft pretty well, but I always end up losing to people that ended up pulling legendaries (sometimes multiple) when I've only pulled like 1-2 epics and 0 legendaries across all my arenas. That, or I just get completely shithouse decks (Mage with 0 fireballs, 0 flamestrike, 1 blizzard, 1 polymorph, 0 pyroblast for example) and just get crushed or barely break even.

I have a 5-wins average across my entire Arena history (80-ish runs), but I've averaged 6.5 in my last 20. It's an skill, and you will get better at it with time.

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Feel free to post your own! These were some of my recent runs.

Shaman run went 12-2 as well.

Rogue rewards. 275 Gold, 20 dust, Pack, and a golden Snipe.

Shaman rewards, 225 Gold, 20 Dust, Pack, Golden Noble Sacrifice, Golden Perdition Blade