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Pretty standard paladin deck. Alexstraza was more dead than not when I drew into her.

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There's speculation that LSH might be cut from the show entirely. Think about it... Where was Coldhands?

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Just booted up Hearthstone for the first time in months yesterday. I had a mage draft that should've gone 12. I had some misplays, most likely because I haven't been keeping up.

Amazingly, the next draft after that had 3 legendaries. If it does well, I'll post the results.

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I bet an hour a day goes to just email management. And I'm pretty sure I've seen them eat lunch at their own desk, so that's a little more productivity.

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@laudasolem: Makes me feel insignificant when I hear that the game has been speedrun in 47 minutes already.

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@oni: Thanks for the feedback. I've actually uploaded part 2 based on some other comments from people who viewed the video. I added some voice over commentary instead of relying on the youtube annotations. I've also upped the bitrate for the video to increase the quality (in theory). Based on how quickly im going through it though, there might only be 8 or 9 installments.

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So I decided to restart this character from scratch and document the journey again in an LP. This is the first LP I've ever recorded haha. Feedback is appreciated.

The first episode:

Hopefully this doesn't count as "youtube spam." :(

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@dixego said:

You posion/toxic misted your way through every boss past the halfway point? How's that even possible? Are all of them even vulnerable to posion?

The only boss I was not able to Poison was Nashandra.

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@dudeglove: For weapons, the most commonly used at SL1 are the Hand Axe and Mace. Mace is great because enemies are generally weak against Strike weapons. For shields, most people use Blue Wooden Shield or two hand the Royal Kite Shield. People have suggested a Pyro-run, but from my experience, unless you use herbs, the DPS is pretty low for fire spells. I went with the Mace early on until I decided to two hand the Royal Kite Shield and throw holy water urns behind that. Enemies with high def against consumables, I used Toxic and Poison mists + dung pies.

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Thanks for all the support. I'm thinking about revisiting some of the optional bosses in the game as well. Gargoyles might be a challenge, but I've thought of a really simple way that involves forbidden sun haha.