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haii hai, master. making or doing rpg {role play game} means.. uh, just someone starta with a couple of sentences then continues other person and so on.. hope u got it ^^

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lmao guys xD not so pervy ffs xD and sorry for the late answers im writing from my htc xD so yeah, i meant, maaaking a story xD you interested? and psht chad is make better than do? xD

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okayy, I was thinking of doing a rpg? what do you guys say? who's up for that ;D i know I am new here but psht show respect and passion for me and lets do this xD if anyone sees it of course xD

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The Host. That is the most awesome book I have ever read. i recommend it to everyone. just it's magical *-*

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psht when it comes to anime.. i always remember high school of dead.. man i'd die for one more season *-*

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Brave. 10/10 
Psht I might not be a lil kiddo any more but fuck it.. Brave was awesome *-* I just watched it and I'm totally blown away ;D It was just awesome ;D 

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Ohaaaaaaii to everyone ^^ I'm Nikky ;D you can call me whatever you want tho :D Lirit will do too :D But it's up to you. I'm from Bulgaria. Uh, not lots of people know the country but :D yeah :D  Mehhh enjoys writing stories ;D People say I'm really good at that *psht I'm not bragging* and yeah.. I love Simple plan, Linkin park, Breakin Benjamin.. uh, let's say just all kind of music ^^ mostly rock, punk and metal ^^  
mm about the games.. well, that's difficult :D I've played so many that I've lost the count :D But mostly FPS ;D  
So yesh, nice meeting ya guys ^^ {: