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Hey! I'm Esteban. My gamer handle is Colorwind. It's an alteration of my mother's first email address and it just stuck. The first game I ever played was Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The first console I ever owned was the NES. My favorite genre of games are action adventure games with fighting games being a close second. My favorite console is the Sony PlayStation. I currently own a Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, N64, Genesis and NES. My favorite console this generation is the Xbox 360.

My favorite Mortal Kombat character is Scorpion with Ermac, Baraka, and Mileena being close runner-ups. I LOVE SNK fighters like Samurai Shodown, Art of Fighting 3 and Garou: Mark of the Wolves. My favorite Street Fighter title is Street Fighter Alpha 3 with Street Fighter III: Third Strike being a close second. The most obvious thing in the world is that Sonic is my favorite video game character. I'll add more when I think of it.