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@berserker976:It's not so much that I don't care what other people think so much as I don't let it influence my opinion. I don't care how many people say I'm wrong because I won't be peer pressured. For example, you think the problem is me. God forbid I have an opinion different from the majority. It must be something wrong with me and my play style or whatever. I already said that if you like the game, that's fine. You're entitled to your opinion. I'm not entitled to mine though.

If I thought the game just isn't for me, I would say so. There's a different between thinking a game is not for you and thinking it is bad. If the game isn't for me, than I acknowledge that the game is for someone else. However, I think the game is bad, specifically because the mechanics are broken. Therefore, even fans of the genre, like myself, wouldn't like this game. That is my opinion. That said, even when a game is broken doesn't mean people can't play it. I knew it would be an unpopular opinion but that doesn't mean I'm not entitled to it. Saying that I'm "unwilling to explore the possibility" of me "not being compatible with the gameplay" is actually saying that I can't realize that I'm not playing or understanding the game right and I'm just screwed.

@bobafettjm: Strange, sounds like you have a different opinion than mine.

A general comment to everyone on this comment thread that disagrees with me and says my opinion is wrong. For people who like this franchise so much, none of you are trying to help me see the game the way you see it. All of you just say I'm wrong and either leave it at that or try to convince me that my opinion is incorrect compared to your opinion. No one is saying "why don't you try this" or "maybe approach the game this way". The only effort I'm seeing is proving me wrong. Even when it boils down to it just being me, that's saying that I'm entitled to my wrong opinion.

Let me ask this. Let's say that you are all right and I'm wrong. My complaints are invalid and the Uncharted trilogy is good. I'm still not going to like the games; you've only taken away my reasons why. I still won't like Uncharted, you still will, and nothing changes. What good does that do? Wouldn't you want to try to help me see what so many have? Wouldn't you want one more people to find enjoyment in what you have? Or is proven me wrong more important? Is snuffing out a negative opinion better than changing it to a positive?

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@berserker976: Still don't care what others think and it's not an occasional problem. It's a constant one that starts from the very beginning and Nate is hanging from a train. It's NOT standardized; that's the problem.

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@berserker976: No. That's not what I described. I said that the platforming was inconsistent. Therefore, I can't use what I learned in previous sections in future sections most of the time. I see a ledge that I should be able to reach based on seeing similar ledges from similar distances before. However, I can't because Naughty Dog wants me to go another way instead. It also works the other way. Jumps that I don't think I could make based on climbing I've done before I can now make later on. That's a problem with the game's language of the mechanics. That's why I described the jump button as more of a jump suggestion button. I'm being led on a tour, a tour that one minute says I can't feed the animals and the next says I can. The platforming isn't broken because the button presses won't do what I want it to do. The platforming is broken because the game is failing to explain what I need to do consistently. I can read the paths; the paths are just inconsistent. It keeps changing what can and can not be done, meaning there's no real rule to how far Nate can jump. Me mashing the button is just me getting frustrated with the game's inconsistency, as if to say "Fuck you, game. If you're not going to keep to a set of rules, I'll just do it myself."

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@berserker976: I don't care what millions of other people have to say. It doesn't change my opinion of what I played. It's entirely possible for a large group of people to be wrong about something. If you don't agree with me, that's fine. However, if I say the game is broken, then it is for me and whoever else who may agree with me.

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@berserker976: I'm a big fan of the action-adventure genre. Some of my favorite franchises are the Prince of Persia and Tomb Raider series. I've played a lot of these type of games and know how to play them as a result. So as someone who knows this style of game very well, my opinion of the Uncharted series is that they are broken. The reason is that the platforming isn't just bad, it's inconsistent. The animations aren't just weird looking, they negatively affect the gameplay. The cover mechanic isn't just finiky, it literally won't do what I want it to do when I press the button. It's not that I don't understand the series, it's that I know it so well I can see what mechanics are flat out not working.

Oh and Unplayable is just the name of this feature piece. I chose it to reflect that it's a rant piece about a game that has upset me and will probably never play again. I typically write stuff that is thoroughly thought out such as my Discussing feature. I don't have a feature for ranting so I made one.

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@believer258: Just because a game is popular doesn't mean it isn't broken. There are many examples of not just games but movies, music and other forms of entertainment selling and reviewing well at first but is badly remembered in retrospect. For example, Star Fox Adventures and Perfect Dark Zero sold and was reviewed well at launch and that was from Rare, a developer who at the time were revered for their quality games, not unlike Naughty Dog. The popularity of anything, game, album, movie, book, has nothing to do with the quality. Kesha was popular. The Resident Evil movies are popular.

I'm surprise that you think the game isn't broken just because of its popularity even when you agree with a lot of the points I've made. It's more than possible that people like the game due to the graphics, story and cinematic quality and think the controls and gameplay are fine and the problem is just then. Perhaps they switch to Easy mode at that point. It's also possible that they get used to the broken controls and learn how to play around them. Like when a table leg breaks off and in half and you nail it back on and duct tape the two pieces together. I just finished playing Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. I'm a big Sonic fan but I know that game is trash and underdeveloped. However, because I like the franchise so much, I adapted and taught myself how to glitch the game to do what I want and to avoid certain moves or situations or else the game wouldn't listen to me. Hell, there's a lot of people who like to play Sonic 06 and that game is not even remotely close to being a completed game.

However, people adapt and learn how to play the game so that it can progress. People find ways to play a game they want to play, sometimes regardless of if they like it or not. There's nothing wrong with that and if people enjoy playing the Uncharted games, that's more than fine. However, just because you enjoy something doesn't make it good and in my opinion, the Uncharted series isn't good. Because it doesn't work properly.

I'm about 2/3 of the way through Jak and Daxter. I'm almost done and I hope to be play Jak 2 by the end of the week. I will at least try Jak 2 but regardless of whether I like it or not, I will try Jak 3 out. I didn't like Uncharted 1, 2, or 3 but I kept trying the sequels, even when I didn't like the previous games. I'm willing to give each game in the series a fair shot and I'll do the same for Jak and Daxter. :)

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@betterley@getz:A lot of people call it one of the best franchises on the PS3.

@shindig@sinusoidal@slyspider@rkofan87@cornbredx@believer258: That's an issue I actually forgot to mention: the bullet sponge enemies. That bugs the crap out of me too!

@believer258: I have played Gears of War and although I would have preferred cover and dodging mapped to different buttons there as well, it's much better in that game because pressing the button with or without a directional input does make a difference. To the point that I'm just raging, yes. I am. That's the point and I said so at the beginning of the article. However, I am trying to make the point that the reason why I dislike this game is not the story or the presentation or even the gameplay. It's because I think this game is broken. It's not that the cover system is bad; it's that it doesn't work. It's not that the platforming is terrible; it's that its fundamentally flawed. I'm saying that I would actually love this game, especially since I'm a fan of the Action-Adventure genre with games like the Prince of Persia trilogy, and the original Tomb Raider games. However, I can't love or even like this game because the controls just flat out don't work. I'm saying that all the Uncharted games essentially needed a patch that never came to fix it and adjust some gameplay elements.

@brodehouse: That's not actually a bad point. However, in Uncharted, I constantly find that Nate's jumping is inconsistent. Even if Nate's movements were more gradual, I feel like I could've gotten used to them if I got the same result each time I pressed the jump button the exact same way.

@yummylee: The train section would've been great if the controls actually worked. Dodge the grenades the general is throwing at you, don't stick to the wall and get blown up!

@cbyrne: Tried it on the PS2. Got bored pretty quickly though I've thought of giving it another chance.

@lead_dispencer: Never said they were the worst ever. It's not a competition.

@hermes: Agreed. There's no room for alternate paths or experimentation.

@gunstarred: LOL! The ripoff? What hope does that game have if the original isn't even any good?

@yodasdarkside: Yes. That was quite admirable of you. Thank you for not contributing anything to the conversation and for letting me know that your lack of involvement and petty, shallow insults will not be in any of my comment feeds in the future.

@frostyryan: I said it was a rant from the get-go. Childish would be me saying a game is no good because that's what I think and giving no examples, explanations, or analysis why I think that.

@oursin_360: I play a fair amount of third person shooters. I will say that I'm not great at shooters overall but I can get through a shooter game on normal difficulty with little to no problems. My problem isn't that I think the game is hard or unfair; it's that the controls don't work.

@hatking: As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, I started playing the series because I was hyped for Uncharted 4, which had just been shown at E3 2015. I was going in looking to have fun and in fact, I'm in the current process of checking out all of Naughty Dog's games, both games I haven't tried and games I've loved before. I love the Crash Bandicoot series and started playing Warped. I rented the Jak & Daxter Collection and am enjoying the first game. That was a nice surprise since I got bored with the first game when I originally played it back on PS2. I also got bored with Jak 2 and I've never played Jak 3 but am now looking forward to trying those out. I am not a defeatist at all and am always willing to give a game another chance. Oh and the "it didn't bother me" attitude? That's the answer that can dismiss ANY critique. "I like this game!" "Well, I don't." The conversation is over. People have different opinions and one person disagreeing with another's doesn't invalidate them.

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@sinusoidal: Except for the first one, I didn't. I raged quit the second game and gave up on the third.

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@twolines Thank you for the kind words. I know there are going to be some people who just dismiss things as soon as they read something they don't like. Such is the way of the internet. However, with all the discussion that's been presented here, I am more than happy with the outcome as the actual issues are being talked about. That's why I call this type of post "Discussing". I want there to be a discussion about the topic in question.

I would also like to encourage everyone to read what @dannyodwyer had to say on the subject. Having lived near the area Witcher 3's mythology is based around, he has more insight from a personal perspective on the perception of racism among different Caucasian cultures, something I don't have any knowledge of.

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@toisul: Thanks! I appreciate the positive feedback.