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@slag: Thanks! It depends on what I include in the picture but usually about 10-20 minutes.

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@49th: That seems to be the basic idea I'm getting back. When I get stuck, I look it up. Otherwise, I don't use walkthroughs. Only on certain games that are cryptic do people use a walkthrough all the way through.

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@mems1224: Not enough time in the world to spend on something that's going to waste your time, huh?

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@wemibelec90: Adventure games from the 90s really are cryptic. I might even go as far as to say that the puzzles in those games are just badly designed. How could you figure out any of those puzzles without a walkthrough!?

@2headedninja: It seems like age has a lot to do with having less patience when it comes to more cryptic aspects of games. Instead of trying to figure it out on your own and being satisfied that you were able to figure it out, if we're older we rather just look the answer up because our time is more precious.

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@jack_lafayette: You brought up spoilers. One thing about walkthroughs is they could spoil the game for you. That's a point no one has brought up yet.

@jjweatherman: It's funny that you say that using a walkthrough isn't ideal because I sometimes want to use a walkthrough in order to get a "efficient" or "ideal" playthrough.

@lelcar: That's true. I'm sort of using a walkthrough for Resident Evil HD Remaster but I'm told a big part of that game's enjoyment is walking around Spencer mansion and taking in the ambiance.

@shindig: Is a hint system in the game the same as a walkthrough? It's rare that hint systems spoil or tell you exactly what to do.

@jaypb08: Again, like I said to @quarters, would you like Link to the Past more if you would have used a walkthrough? At what point do you think a walkthrough improves a game experience and at one point does it tarnish it? And is that improvement artificial? Shouldn't the game be the most fun on its own? Why or why not?

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@lelcar: Do you think that when you get stuck in a game, it could be due to the game developers' failure at conveying what you need to do in the game?

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@rebel_scum: I can see that. I can see using a walkthrough for when you're stuck somewhere. I think that's what they're for in the first place. However, it's using a walkthrough not because you're stuck but because you want to play the game "right" or "efficiently." There is something to be said about taking your time with a game and savoring it.

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@redyoshi: I've made that mistake too. That's why I don't try to complete every game I own now because I'm not even finishing them. The task becomes too daunting. Only after I've played through the game do I decide whether I want to 100% it now. Yet there's still that temptation to want to do everything right the first time around.

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@quarters: I get that. I don't play games for challenge either, though I know some who do.

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@quarters: Do you think you would enjoy Resident Evil games if you didn't use walkthroughs? Do you think there are games that you wouldn't enjoy unless you were told how to play it?

@redyoshi: Do you still play RPGs then, just without walkthroughs? Do you think that you haven't 100% completed a lot of games because you don't use walkthroughs and you don't want to play the game more than once?

@chu52: Oh, I'm not trying to make a competitive level Pokémon team! I just want to play through the game efficiently. You know, beat all the gym leaders, finish the game, complete the PokéDex, maybe raise all the Pokémon to level 100, etc.