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@crithon: I'm writing about the game, not making videos. I'm writing multiple impressions posts to be comprehensive, get input from readers, and also keep notes on my opinion as it changes and forms.

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@slag: That's not a bad idea. I could call it something else to show that this is something other than a typical review. Like a comprehensive overview or complete critique or something.

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@slag: That's exactly my problem with reviews. They're buying advice and not an actual critique of the game. By that definition, I would prefer someone spend a good amount of time on a game, but not complete it and just tell me if it's good enough to spend $60 on. I understand they can't get to the end game stuff because they're on a time limit but there's no alternative that does. I want to write a review that'll last. That's more comprehensive.

I do plan to write other stuff while I play Borderlands because this is an experiment and I'm going to take my time. In the future, if this goes well, I'll apply this format to new games once I've figured out how to do this efficiently and therefore, can be more valuable.

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Thank you so much for all the feedback! I've taken all of your comments and I'll be writing a follow-up post soon.

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@shagge: You really think that'll work? If I'm getting angry, I'm not going to be in the mood to come up with funny insults.

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@shindig: That's an interesting point. I've played Demon's Souls and although I stopped because it stressed me out and made me anxious, I never got mad because I knew it was supposed to be a very hard game.

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@slag: Ooooo! Pretty. Looking this up now!

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@slag: I haven't heard of Teslagrad. What's the art style like? The metroidvania style sounds cool but what's the aesthetic? Is it sci-fi like Metroid, gothic like Castlevania, or something else like the mexican visuals of Guacamelee?

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@yukoasho: Maybe not casual players but people who like to play Battlefield and Titanfall will bite at $400. I know people who own an Xbox One who didn't know that Battlefield 4 ran better on the PS4 or that Titanfall even came out on PC. It's not the crowd Nintendo goes for but the occasional gamer or those who used to game a lot but don't as much now because of work and family and that type of thing. It's those who helped PS3 and 360 sell over 80 million units each and aren't deeply invested in the industry.

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@yukoasho: This is true. That's why I mentioned that I wanted a PS4 more still because third party titles were still better on the PS4. However, for those who aren't in the know, this levels the playing field a lot more. At this point, it'll be about who has the better exclusives instead of price, which is a good thing.