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@tehpickle: I did use the chat box. However, the responses were stuff like "I don't know. I'm just following that guy." And then that guy would not respond.

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@savage: I already had it before this.

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@chiablo: I've seen that video and you're right, I do agree with a lot of what he says. I actually have a theory that Ocarina did to the Zelda series what Resident Evil 4 did to that series. The developers made this game that was perceived as incredible and one of the greatest games ever made and now they are just trying to recreate that game over and over. In essence, the best game in the series killed it for the future.

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@sinusoidal: I never said Wind Waker was a failure. I don't think that's a bad game but I don't find it to be fun either. I haven't played Skyward Sword since I'm not going to buy a Wiimote Plus just for one or two games so I can't speak on that game. I have really wanted to try out Minish Cap and I know it's on the Wii U. I'll get around to it eventually. Maybe when I actually finish the Zelda games I own. :p

@poortommy: I don't mind the linearity of the 3D Zeldas but to enjoy those games as accomplishing trials before completing a greater goal, I would have to ignore the freedom aspects of the game. That sounds wrong to me because it's there. Walking around Hyrule Field, sailing across the ocean, it's there. The developers wanted me to check it out. It's a shame that there's nothing there or nothing interesting to see. As for the 2D Zeldas, I actually felt very accomplished finishing A Link Between Worlds. I liked Lorule and Hilda and the twist at the end of the game and the ending. It felt very gratifying to have explored all of Hyrule and Lorule and to have saved both worlds. As for the artistic qualities of Ocarina of Time and Wind Waker (haven't played Majora's Mask long enough to say something), I think those games look good. I have no problem with the graphical fidelity and the art direction but a pretty game with mediocre gameplay doesn't keep me playing. The ocean is beautiful but it's also empty, which I said is accurate but not fun. As for the music, I'm actually tired of Zelda just having the same songs redone.

@slag: I know about the treasure chart missions. I mentioned it:

Treasure Charts? That’s a whole lot of effort to go through just for some rupees.

I know about the other small islands too and they're okay. Actually, there should have been more of them. I never heard of figurines though.

@aetheldod: I like Metroid more as well, though I've never been a fan of the Prime series. That's another series of Nintendo's where I like the 2D games more too. There actually has been a game where you play as Zelda. 2 of them in fact. However, they were for the CD-i so...yeah.

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@jarmahead: I've got a i3, 8GBs of DDR3 Ram, and a GeForce GTX 550 Ti. Is that good enough? It is a five year old game. I have the graphics at max right now. Also, how would I enable Anti-Aliasing? I think I saw something about disabling the line border in the config files but nothing about AA in there.

As for the new weapons, you're saying I should like equip new ones when I get them and try them out and don't go solely by the stats? I have noticed that I don't care too much for shotguns and assault rifles. I prefer having an SMG for close up and sniper rifle for long range.

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@rowr: I haven't had any real trouble with the menu and the PC controls. The sorting being mapped to PageUp and PageDown are the only things. I can tell that the interface wasn't created with PC controls in mind but it's still decent to me. What is it that bothers you about it?

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@crithon: I'm writing about the game, not making videos. I'm writing multiple impressions posts to be comprehensive, get input from readers, and also keep notes on my opinion as it changes and forms.

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@slag: That's not a bad idea. I could call it something else to show that this is something other than a typical review. Like a comprehensive overview or complete critique or something.

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@slag: That's exactly my problem with reviews. They're buying advice and not an actual critique of the game. By that definition, I would prefer someone spend a good amount of time on a game, but not complete it and just tell me if it's good enough to spend $60 on. I understand they can't get to the end game stuff because they're on a time limit but there's no alternative that does. I want to write a review that'll last. That's more comprehensive.

I do plan to write other stuff while I play Borderlands because this is an experiment and I'm going to take my time. In the future, if this goes well, I'll apply this format to new games once I've figured out how to do this efficiently and therefore, can be more valuable.

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Thank you so much for all the feedback! I've taken all of your comments and I'll be writing a follow-up post soon.