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Reviews first

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Yeah, but WD was in development for years and was supposed to be the first big next-gen showpiece. I can't imagine they came any where near the numbers they were hoping to get after all the negative reviews and word of mouth.

They made most of their money at launch to the point that it justified green lighting a sequel, it was too late by the time word of mouth caught up. Same thing is going to happen with Destiny

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I'm guessing this isn't only for current gen consoles? Because some of those shots look rough

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I'm guessing if Watch Dogs on every other platform sold like they wanted it to sell this would have been cancelled. Now they're stuck having to bleed every cent out of this "franchise".

Nope, Ubi already said they made quite a bit of money from the sales on other platforms. It's more likely that they already had put in enough work in the Wii U port that it would make more sense to finish it and put it out instead of scrapping it because of a weak sales potential outlook

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I'll wait a couple more days and see what happens when people start reaching the endgame. Yeah this game will most likely be fleshed out with expansions but I'm not comfortable paying full price for something that is already lacking right out of the box.

I honestly wouldn't say it's lacking for content (assuming that's what you mean by lacking, anyway), I've spent around 15 hours with the game and haven't finished it yet. People had certain expectations for the amount of areas in the game, given Bungie's hype and the blend of genres - personally I would have liked at least one more area on Earth - but to suggest it's not worth full price is kind of nuts to me.

When I say lacking I'm talking about varied levels (from what I hear there's only 4) and I want different mission structures which so far all I'm hearing is go to point X, have robot dude do something, and maybe fight off enemy waves, rinse and repeat

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I'll wait a couple more days and see what happens when people start reaching the endgame. Yeah this game will most likely be fleshed out with expansions but I'm not comfortable paying full price for something that is already lacking right out of the box.

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@corruptedevil: I want to move away from PC gaming and get back to consoles so it's really a choice between the two. I have a pretty strong PC already but I really hate troubleshooting game issues.

That's fair. I don't mind doing it and find it interesting most of the time but I can see why you wouldn't.

Just choose whichever console has the exclusives you want since now that they've fixed the kinect gpu issue every game should run at 1080/30 on both.

That's pretty much how I went with it, I was able to get either console discounted and ended up getting a PS4 because the only thing I'm really going to miss out on is Halo considering that most of XB1's exclusives are going PC and hell, I really wouldn't be surprised if Halo made the jump too a year or two after the console release. Wanting to play Last of Us at 1080/60 and the other exclusives made the choice easy for me.

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I'm going to try to wait a week and see if people are still talking positive about the game and then I'll probably get it

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Maybe they didnt factor in grimy cheeto and doritos loco taco dust covered fingers into their equation, oh ho ho!!

+1 for Xbox One

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So I've never played one of these games, but I saw the first one is out on the Wii U VC. Is it worth playing then?

The game kinda aged terribly, it'll give you a good taste of the basic combat and exploration but I would suggest starting with 2 which was when the series really took off.

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The first three games was where it was at with 3 being the pinnacle. 4 was hot garbage with 5 and 6 being OK but felt overplayed due to sticking too close the Battle Network framework. I did play them all and enjoyed them (4 is still shit) but looking back now, I can easily say that 3 was the peak, but at least the last game in the series had a good ending to the franchise.

Four was poorly translated, too. A lot of the dialogue in that game just makes zero sense. 2 was definitely its peak--those style changes were fantastic! The whole soul business felt a bit hokey.

I just don't understand why they haven't remastered the first three into something for the 3DS. I absolutely loved that gameplay.

I would much rather they focus on remaking the latter ones or make a new game in the series. The first few ones, especially the first one, just lacked mechanical complexity and variety of latter entries. They also looked pretty bad by comparison.

I only discount the latter games because they relied way too heavily on the former games and were being shot out one after the other in such a short period of time. If was going back now to play them I would probably have more fun with the later entries such as 6.