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Looks like a Ridley Scott thing.

If they could just make more spartans why didn't they do that after Reach?

they did with the Spartan IV program but it took a while to crank them out. Master Chief is a Spartan 2 which are the ones that good juiced up and experimented on. Spartan4's are like regular soilders in battle armor 2's are like walking tanks.

I think they're both juiced up, but Spartan 2's are indoctrinated from birth and 4's are volunteers.

They weren't as heavily modified on a genetic/physical level as the 2's though. 4's have some stuff done to their bodies but they're more reliant on the body armor and tech and weren't trained since childhood like the 2's were

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Man... I mean, I loved me some Budokai/Tenkaichi games back in the day but... Do people actually still buy these games? Do people actually still care about DBZ in the year of our lord 2014? How the hell did this game get made and who was it made for?

DBZ games have never stopped being made, I'm more curious as to who the fuck keeps buying them including all the shit ones of late.

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Is it OK to like anything?

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Dimps being back is nice and all but I'll wait till it's released because of course I'll still have doubts over a DBZ game.

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Strip Clubs have always seemed like an utter waste of time to me.

Their only purpose is to be a money sink and a shallow ego boost.

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Kingdom Hearts. I guess if you're a certain age it just looked like something you'd hate. I love those games.

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The bigger question is if Waluigi is

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@humanity: Yeah the bokeh DOF could seriously do with being pared back a bit, that's been the only issue I have with the graphical mod

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Idk about the performance boost but it certainly looks better. I'm hoping that Ubi's eventual patch will finally remove the stutter issue I still have because I still have to drop most things back to high instead of ultra despite being able to push this game at a steady 50-60 fps range