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So they really did neuter the graphics?

That was already noticeable when the game was first released, this is just the cherry on top of the bullshit Ubi has been pulling as of late.

Definitely trying this out soon, I'm more interested in the ironic performance boost than anything else.

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I can believe that the game will look like that but I won't believe the 60 fps part until I see it with my own eyes

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Booo at lack of Hitler.


Also hear my cries and patch the game, thanks.

Lack of SLI support was the only egregious thing that stuck out at me when playing the game

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I want to read Vinny's mangas

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Well that just got me sufficiently hard

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1080, 60? Sure why not?

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@mb said:

Xbox One controllers use WiFi Direct and will not work with the Xbox 360 wireless dongles. Keep that in mind if you're planning on buying a wireless one. You can still use Micro USB, though.

So there's currently no way to connect one of those controllers to a PC wirelessly? I guess I'll wait or just get a PS4 controller

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I'm guessing the performance fix isn't out yet because I still have to play on high.

i7 4770k

SLI 770's

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@colourful_hippie: Thats true but if you're going all out you might as well go all out. Worst case scenario you just detach one card and sell the other one.

If you want to go all out there are smarter ways of doing it like having a Titan or waiting for new video cards and getting the top single card of the new line. Unless someone is planning on hitting the ground running with 4k gaming there isn't much reason for excess for the sake of excess...especially when the 800 series is looking to be a decent jump to the point of making some SLI setups look pretty stupid.

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Ehh, I just use Spotify in the background and pause the music when I don't need it....but yeah, Watchdogs's soundtrack is pretty shit