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Still not worth it (and I own one). Where are the games, dammit?!

Fire Emblem on 3DS just makes me hate my Vita more, they couldn't even get Wake Up Club right. Now I don't know where my Vita is cuz I have no reason to use it as an alarm.

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Audio Technica ath-m50s. Cheap but really nice sound.

This, I got them for like a $100 during the black friday sales on amazon. Solid studio headphones for my PC and nearly everything else. I'll use shitty apple ear buds for when I'm mobile cuz I don't care as much about quality when I'm moving.

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All I notice here are more people talking about building and switching to PC. I can sympathize with those who would want to play Destiny on PC, I wouldn't play it on consoles unless there was a next gen version.

Go to system wars over at gamespot if you want to see real elitist assholes.

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I have no desire to buy any of the new consoles either, im quite happy as a PC gamer and will be in the future also.

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Greenman has this for $32 when you apply their voucher. GMG20-P4DLK-FKYRS

Now $32 isn't a bad price but I'm not sure yet if it's worth giving this game another chance despite the added benefits of 60 frames because if it's still mechanically gross then I doubt the higher resolution and higher framerate will matter but I remember Capcom saying they made slight changes to the PC version in an attempt to unfuck the original game when it was released. Not sure what they meant by that though.

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Whoops, looks like I shouldn't have worried about grinding then cuz now I feel too overpowered and think normal is too much of a cake walk. I didn't want to push my luck at first because I never played any of these games before.

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Luigi jumps higher therefore > Mario.

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Oh the hyperbole

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I have a better idea! Everyone try to remember what their posts were in the thread, and then we carefully recreate it exactly over here! What could possibly go wrong?

but then we would need another hizang to get banned again.

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@StarvingGamer said:

I keep it to help maintain the freshness of the inner pieces, then throw it out at the end.