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I can barely see the difference between the SOM comparison.

Yeah, they're pretty damn close. There's some small details in the textures that are just slightly blurrier on the PlayStation 4 version.

Yeah, my television is located across the room anyways so I can't tell the blurryness from that distance, that and the action requires you to pay attention to something else.

I never liked those videos because you're trying to compare high res textures through a goddamn youtube video and its disgusting compression.

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I'm still on the fence but I think I'm going to pass on this one. My reverence for the old games kinda ends with Gold and Silver so any remakes of the versions past second generation won't do much for me.

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@yummylee: I completely forgot to mention I also own a Wii U. Anyways, Far Cry 4 completely fell off my radar and Evil Within is giving me the vibe that it'll be a bad PC port due to it's ridiculous system reqs despite only looking average. Maybe I'll hold off on the 980 purchase for now

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As someone who owns a high-end PC and now a PS4 I'm trying to think of what other "blockbuster" titles are out there that will be released by year's end. It's not just CoD and Assassin's Creed right?

I'm trying to think of what else is there because I have my finger on the trigger to go ahead with a GTX 980 purchase but I want there to be a decent number of games first other than Shadow of Mordor that would give me an immediate use for the new card. If there is a lack of titles then maybe I can hold myself from getting the card so I can instead use that money towards getting an iPhone 6 Plus because I'll then still have enough time to be sure I have a 980 before Witcher 3 comes out.

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Seriously wish I saw this before I impulsively bought it on Steam, ahh well

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It's common for the highest (ultra) settings to be a notch above what current consoles are putting out so it's not surprising that playing "next-gen" games all maxed out will have serious demands

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Yep, it's nice to have a proper PC port. Hot-swappable kbam/controller controls as well - always a good sign and Shadow of Mordor has them.

Dude, yes! I am using a wireless 360 controller for everything except when I need to make accurate bow shots, then I just grab my mouse and go to work. Quite nice to see that they weren't lazy with that, with so many games it's either one or the other. I played the same way with Wolfenstein and Sniper Elite 3.

I've been doing the same thing with arrow shots. Aiming the bow with a gamepad has been a shit experience than what I'm normally used to in other games. I'm tempted though to see if the PS4 controller would work better because of its reduced dead zones

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@mb beat me to it. From what I hear the second area is a lot more brighter so my first performance hog suspect would be the ambient occlusion

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Unless you plan on playing a lot of multiplayer with your friends I would choose the one that has the most games you want to play