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1080, 60? Sure why not?

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@mb said:

Xbox One controllers use WiFi Direct and will not work with the Xbox 360 wireless dongles. Keep that in mind if you're planning on buying a wireless one. You can still use Micro USB, though.

So there's currently no way to connect one of those controllers to a PC wirelessly? I guess I'll wait or just get a PS4 controller

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I'm guessing the performance fix isn't out yet because I still have to play on high.

i7 4770k

SLI 770's

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@humanity said:

@colourful_hippie: Thats true but if you're going all out you might as well go all out. Worst case scenario you just detach one card and sell the other one.

If you want to go all out there are smarter ways of doing it like having a Titan or waiting for new video cards and getting the top single card of the new line. Unless someone is planning on hitting the ground running with 4k gaming there isn't much reason for excess for the sake of excess...especially when the 800 series is looking to be a decent jump to the point of making some SLI setups look pretty stupid.

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Ehh, I just use Spotify in the background and pause the music when I don't need it....but yeah, Watchdogs's soundtrack is pretty shit

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@mb: A monitor isn't a huge omission nowadays when a lot of people have perfectly capable HDTV's that could be used. It's not ideal of course but it's a good enough substitute to get the ball rolling till it makes sense to put down more money on a monitor.

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Best use of Luigi ever

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@mb said:

I can't imagine how you guys are coming in under $1000 for a "serious gaming PC" if you include everything that is required. To me around $1500 is the minimum budget I need to configure something serious if I include Windows, a case, an SSD, and something like a GTX 780. I'm not saying it can't be done, but maybe my definition of serious is a bit different. I couldn't even come in close to $1000 without including any input devices or a monitor!

$1500 is the sweet spot for a serious machine for sure. Close to $1600 was the final price tag for me which includes a 128 gig SSD, 2 TB HDD, i7 4770k, GTX 770, 16 gigs of RAM, and a bluray player (which few people really need), there's more of course but those are the big components.

If I got a 780 instead of a 770 then the price tag might be closer to $1700. I don't consider my PC done yet because I plan to sell my 770 and get an 880 whenever they become a thing because I've been having to rely on SLI 770's (using friend's 770 in my PC) to play most games maxed at 1440p while staying close to 60fps

@humanity said:

@godzillasmash: Just remember that if you want peak performance for a while then you can't skimp too much anywhere. You need a solid motherboard that supports the newest PCI-e and ram clock speed, top of the lin CPU and if we're talking long term might as well put 16gb of ram in there instead of 8gb. You'll probably want to get two Nvidia cards and SLI them, which means you'll need quality cooling that doesn't make your PC sound like a turbine. In turn you will need a good case with a lot of room to house two video cards and powerful, yet quiet, fans. To power all this make sure to get a very good power supply because skimping on the PSU can often lead to problems down the road which can be difficult to diagnose. To top all this off you'll obviously want to get an SSD in order to make sure your brand new powerful system is running as fast as possible. Alternatively you could go for one of those hybrid drives that are half SSD but if you're already dumping this much money into the project then might as well go all the way and get one of those Samsung EVO's.

I seriously advise against going SLI, as someone who's been using SLI for over a month now the main difference I see other than a marginal increase in horsepower is the unreliable nature of SLI in general because you're dependent on Nvidia to put out SLI profiles for games and hope that the profiles are optimized in the first place. I'll always prefer single card setups because SLI never ends up being worth the money.

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Don't be crazy, wait for more games. Oh and that game is also out on PC

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Mostly 60 fps with occasional hitch running at 1080 all on high with FXAA. Game seems badly optimized considering that my rig is an i7 4770k with SLi 770s