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I'm liking what I see and can only say welcome to the master race...oh and look into getting a different PSU

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@thatdudeguy: I would just shut off AA and enable FXAA through the Nvidia Control Panel for even more frames

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Game should have been delayed

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@kubqo said:

There does not seem to be problems with optimization as it is with Unity. But there are widespread issues with game freezing on launch or crashing during the beginning of the game. It appears to be some issue with uplay handling controllers (as it apparently was with Black Flag too). There are fixes for that, but it does not help everyone (myself included). Its amazing something like that could go through testing and hasn’t been dealth with.

Never had those kinds of issues and I'm rolling with my 360 controller right now. Not sure if having the recent Nvidia driver update meant something significant in reducing issues though

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Never not GeForce Experience now

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Get the 980 instead of the 780 ti


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I looked online to see if there was anything egregious going on with the PC version and didn't see many serious complaints so I picked this up. Seems like a decent port in line with what Far Cry 3 was. It's running at a steady 60 for me with occasional drops to 55 or so and I have it maxed out except for AA at 1440p. Running this on an i7/980

These are Steam screenshots so you're going to have to ignore the compression but the game has a crisp look and is pretty much a slightly better looking Far Cry 3 which isn't too bad because FC3 looked pretty awesome on PC too.

Feel free to share your own impressions of the PC version. I hear that there are some bugs in the game but I'm not far enough in yet to notice anything too crazy

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FC4 unless the PC port is shit

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Was having a pretty shit day until I walked into this thread. Thanks, guys