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For those who are still having issues I suggest trying out the game now that a patch came out. I don't think I need to OC my CPU now that the game is running at a more consistent 60 fps. AMD CPU's apparently continue to have issues though

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@abendlaender: So does it still work because according to the recent patch you shouldn't be able to do that anymore

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@mb: Hi, yes, tech support? I wrote everything you said on my PS4's hard drive but it's still not working. Does it need to be in pen? Maybe crayon? Please respond. Also, how do I get the AOL to work on here? Does AOL have this game?

Direct those concerns to @zombiepie

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CHEATERS!!! But ya, I'm playing on console and it gets annoying. It seems rather pointless except I guess to prevent you from being completely overpowered all the time... when you pick up that huge hammer near the beginning you can rip people's faces off with it in one swing. The game is probably easy if you can just use that all the time.

Yah man, this looks like straight up cheating, dunno how I feel about that. Unless you're into that sort of thing.

Oh ya, and not to mention that hammer is not repairable...I think? I couldn't repair it once it broke anyhow. So if you are able to make it never break... that's kind of game breaking. But if that doesn't detour the game's experience for you then more power to you.

Ehh, I only see a problem with it if you're bringing in those kinds of weapons into coop games, but it doesn't matter so much any more because the performance fix patch that was just released on PC also removes those kinds of gameplay tweaks

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Brad's outright hostility towards Dan really made this last stream hard to enjoy. I mean, I like Jeff's misery, he takes it out on the game, not the people around him. Brad just made things uncomfortable.

^^^ This man knows.

Brad sucked the life out of that room. Constantly. The entire time. If he's just going to be a miserable prick the whole time just let him not do it and get Danny O'Dwyer or Jason or anyone else to play.

Like Brad Shoemaker is above playing Mario Party 3. Give me a fucking break.

Could you guys please cut that shit out, this is not high school.

It's like you guys never saw friends pick on each other before, things don't have to always be happy go-lucky. It just shows how close they are and able to riff off each other when they can deal that much shit to each other.

Keep it up, GB!

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Keep it going. For some reason a lot of Mario Party fans are just getting worked up because they can't listen to more Mario Party shit talk. As someone who played the shit out of Mario Party 4, the GB crew hit the nail on the head on the franchise simply being a random luck-based bullshit factory with poor mini-games sprinkled on top. Dan is a good counterweight

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In several months, absolutely. MPP is one of my favourite features.

Can I just point out that there was 100 days between Mario Party and Mario Party 2? Then 85 days until Mario Party 3. They really aren't coming frequently.

I love that they space these out long enough for the absolute venom and disgust they have for the franchise to wear off just enough for them to foolishly think that they can endure another Mario Party game.

Don't listen to the naysayers, GB! Best premium feature next to Metal Gear Scanlon

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@mb: That's crazy. I'm going to OC mine then so I can maintain 60 until Techland hopefully fixes this mess. The game is ridiculously over dependent on the CPU, specifically 1 core, instead of the GPU because I boosted the resolution up to 1440 and I still get the same exact FPS range.

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It's more of a Conclave in my mind, not so much a Society.

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I smell something fishy.

Wash those fingers

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@doctordonkey: AMD FX-8120 Eight-Core, so it would seem maybe the game just hates my CPU (or any AMD CPU?):

I've tried everything. Turning everything off/dropping everything down as low as it'll go, makes no noticeable difference what so ever. I've even modded the game to remove the grain, which some people suggested would improve performance - nothing. I usually run everything on very-high/ultra no problem, so I'm calling poor optimization on this one, and will wait for a patch or something...

The game isn't optimized so great so for some reason it maxes the hell out of one of your cores which is why AMD CPU's are getting hammered hard while Intel ones are faring better.

I'll try out this mod but I'm just going to slow down the rate of decay.

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Fuck yes! I was starting to get bummed over not having a Lumines game since I sold my Vita but now I can wait