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For me too much jank is excessive crashes and broken scripting in quests. Too many wonky animations can be bad too because it breaks immersion but let's not forget that GB gave Skyrim GoTY which had its fair share of jank and was hella broken on PS3

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I starting leveling faster as I got closer to lvl 10. I wasn't too worried about being underleveled though at the time because I kept finding places of power which give ability points so you don't have to rely on only getting them from lvl increases

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I was broke for a while in the beginning of the game but have finally reached a point where I'm getting enough money to get by fine once I started doing Witcher Contracts.

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This is some fake ass shit, flagged

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I was playing with no subs and then got to a scene that takes place under a tree and could not here anything that was being said as the background noise and dialogue overlapped (also what was being said was very crucial!) so after that i have subs on.

This was the only time I had an issue understanding what was being said. I noticed that listening to that part either with headphones or through my surround sound system helped a lot.

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@colourful_hippie: I just finished this entire string. I'll await your thoughts on it before I say anything.

I already finished it. I stuck it out with the Crones and killed the tree so once I saw the consequences of that action I felt like complete shit because the Crones turned out to be even worse than what I first imagined them to be. At first I knew they were malicious but viewed them as a necessary evil that protects swamp but I should have listened to my instincts more because of the bad vibes I got from them and how the other people in the swamp, like Johnny, would talk about them in hushed tones.

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So wait if Giant Bomb is considered a Blog by Amazon, then what is a blog created on Giant bomb considered?


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@terminatorz: These are old screenshots but yeah I think this armor looks better than others in screenshots

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Next gen menus!

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