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Fort Lauderdale, Florida. USA

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@humanity said:

@singingmenstrual: Black Flag, Blacklist and to a certain degree Trials Fusion all had some sort of issues and I have a pretty good PC.

Just in case: yah I did update my drivers.

Fusion especially shouldn't be having weird loading issues, not on an SSD anyway. Comparatively other games have ran fine. Lords of Shadow 2 ran silky smooth.

They didn't run awful, but certainly not as well as they've been.

Black Flag and Blacklist I remember having bumpy launches, but I stopped having issues a week later or so. I'm not expecting zero flaws for watch_dogs at launch but I think at the very least it'll still be a step above the console versions.

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This strokes me PC gaming shaft...

So hard.

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The market is very volatile right now, but stocks have been holding steady in terms of their average value.. Some would say it wouldn't take much bad news to send it into a massive correction, others would say that if you know what you're doing, the fundamentals are sound/unlikely to lead to a bear market and you can ride the waves to make a bunch of money. One thing's for sure, you'll have to work a lot harder to make money than you would have two years ago.

Yeah I personally would avoid jumping in at this point too due to volatility, the current geopolitical crisis is still ongoing and Europe is still pivoting between deflation and incredibly small but steady inflation so maybe wait till the end of year to see how things shake out? Always remember to keep in mind that you can afford to lose whatever you designate as investment money.

As for me I'm loving stocks right now but only because my several year old positions are looking fantastic right now like GE and Qualcomm.

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1080, 60 or GTFO

Both confirmed my colorful little hippie. (well, targeting 60 but that means it'll be 60 right!?)

That means they're trying to reach it but if that can't happen then expect an unlocked framerate that should be relatively high on average

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I'm really going to miss the Colbert Report and its smart angle of highlighting political bullshit

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1080, 60 or GTFO

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That's kind of funny, shooting guys in the face wouldn't exactly be the cause, it's more about being frustrated over not being able to be good at shooting guys in the face. It makes some sense though, I've always felt more frustrated wrestling with game mechanics to do something than anything else.

I think it's why I'm having a lot of fun in Titanfall at the moment because I feel like I have total control over my character and my mistakes can be attributed to me instead of wonky game controls.

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@sprode said:


Freaking Greninja.

Nintendo knocking it out of the park again.


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Got it because idk it was just a buck?