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I was going to say Manhunt

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If unigine is crashing alone with witcher then you definitely have a GPU issue. First up pull down the current nvidia WHQL's (327.23) and install them, use custom instead of express install and flag the clean install option. That will blow everything away and roll it all back to out of the box defaults for the profiles and remove an legacy registry junk. Once that's done do another Unigine run, if it's still packing out you could potentially be looking at some instability in the factory OC. If that is the case I would recommend you grab a copy of MSI afterburner and then down clock the GPU and memory to the 770's stock clocks and re-run the benchmark. If it passes then you might want to setup an RMA for the card since it's faulty.

Not every games pokes and prods a piece of hardware in the right way to uncover a stability problem, Witcher 2 is pretty intensive so I'm not surprised it's falling over on you.

Yeah, def sounds like a problem with the card. Most games aren't giving the OP a tough time because they aren't as intensive as the Witcher 2 and GTA IV is intensive by just being poorly optimized.

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The prices will likely be way lower than that. Off the shelf parts don't mean they'll buy them off the shelf. They'll buy in bulk directly from the manufacturers and save a ton of money.

Valve stated in the blog post that they do not view this as a product for the millions of potential buyers. It is a niche product that will appeal to a few.

Not a good sign. It sounds like after they come out, they just fade back into obscurity. This is starting to sound like the boxes are publicity to help Steam Os get off the ground (since hardware will draw a lot of attention). And that eventually, people will be left behind with dead weight boxes with no steam sanctioned hardware upgrades. Why? because a small userbase, and a potentially fragmented one, is not worth focusing on. A year or two after release, the steam box will just be a memory older gamers on podcasts referenced, like the Gizmondo.

What? The boxes that will be sent out are going to be prototypes for a reason. Valve is known for taking their sweet time with whatever they're doing and they are doing the same approach with this by rolling out these prototype machines as a form of beta testing process so that they will be ready for a proper consumer launch.

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Getting error messages about Origin not being installed and having to install it for it to run. Umm what? I'll come back to this later

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Is it still fucked?

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Deja vu?

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It's definitely better up here, but it's not the free ride it's often portrayed as; that monthly fee you guys are being forced to pay is just coming off our pay cheque in the form of taxes and it's fairly limited in it's basic coverage.

The whole "free ride" talk is mostly spouted by propaganda rhetoric whenever comparison's to Canada's healthcare system are made

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When I read the prices they are expecting people in the US to pay for "affordable Medical care" I'm kind of surprised, but I haven't really seen what is covered:

Are prescription drugs covered? cancer medicine? birth control? Viagra?

Psychiatrist/Psychologist treatments are covered? is there a limit?

Does it included preventative stuff like dental/massage/chiropractic?

Is it 100% coverage or is there a co-pay?

People like to say that Canada has free healthcare, but it's really just hospital/emergency room stuff, most full time employed people up here have additional coverage through their employer that costs a minimum of $200(individual) or $400(family) per month for dental and drug coverage and ranges from 80-50% coverage with annual limits that can vary pretty wildly from place to place .

If you are unemployed, you would have no coverage other than emergency/hospital in Canada.

One of the big problems here is that those types of incidents causes quite a lot of US citizens to go bankrupt, having something like that alone would be awesome.