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I see Robin, Green Lantern & Martian Manhunter's symbols on that comic included...

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Happy Labor Day! Congrats on anyone else who bothered to get the achievement legit.

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I love how this is the kind of thing everyone dreams about.

I'm sure a lot of us have thought, "Imagine if they made SSB for other consoles with all their own characters, that would be so awesome!"

Good to know if it actually does happen people flip their shit.

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I'm liking the super nes/genesis look. Should be fun!

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You realize if Bioshock wasn't in the name, everyone would just complain how its just ripping off what worked for bioshock.

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I got:

PitPalutena's Army001
Lady PalutenaPalutena's Army002
Dark Lord GaolUnderworld Army008
Fortune BowWeapon116
MikUnderworld Army199

@GunslingerPanda: I had problems with the lights in my house at first, then I went outside and used sunlight and they worked no problem. After that they work with just about any lights. Its almost like they had to be activated...

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@Cogzwell: Woah thank you for clearing all that up. I had no idea any of the characters had set roles in the game. Either way I like the possibility that they could become DLC playable. The art style is the real selling point for me here and I just had to share these images for others.

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Ok so I've got two topics.. 1st off the achievements came out today:

looks pretty mysterious..

Secondly, I wanted to discuss some of the concept art for DLC characters coming out that have been floating around.

First off we have who we know which includes the eight playable characters and three believed to be upcoming DLC..

And then we have some concept sketches for even more characters.. including the two male characters.

Anyway what do ya think? I personally love this style and fully support any of these characters. I'm particularly fond of the one that has a lawyer type appearance switching to a demon appearance. Very reminiscent of Callie for Ugly Americans. Also the freaking guy with a Panzer on his arm!

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@Korolev: Yep, good job copying the tone and humor of the article we already read to a T.