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It's open world in that the maps are large and you can go just about anywhere. However with the way that the game is designed it actually punishes you for taking advantage of the "open world" aspects as there are specific areas that are set up to keep you undetected while you operate and if you don't use those specific areas you will be detected. You can play how you want but if you don't stick to the routes that they obviously want you to use you will have a much more difficult time playing well. It almost seems like they designed another linear SE and then once everything was done they just removed map boundaries and shipped it.

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Dave Lang is definitely not a person.

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How is it possible to determine this when we've only seen one of these games?

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Same deal here. Firefox 29.0.1 Windows 8.1.

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I appreciate the succinct nature of this response.

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For whatever reason it's delayed on Steam by a day. Not terribly happy about it.

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Basically any online game I play has to have the option to disable the chat hud/mute voice chat. Titanfall on PC has no chat hud at all! Voice completely mutable! This is the future.

I don't hate the internet, I don't even hate most people on the internet. I just fear where we truly are as a species if this is how we treat each other when we know we can get away with being shit heads. Video games be damned, it's goddamn everywhere.

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@mercutio123: Not seeing a benefit to tracking down a very obviously miserable person to add to their supply of misery and give them a spotlight to act out in at the same time.

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@darji: You've just kinda proven that having your identity out there is not a deterrent considering TB still has a massive following after that ridiculous hissy fit he and his wife threw over basically nothing but their own mistakes. It's not just about people being associated with the shit they spew online. It's a much more complex issue than that. The massive amount of bullshit that goes on in any alley of the internet is indicative of a completely diseased societal conscience. Just because the internet is a safe place for symptoms to manifest doesn't mean the internet is to blame.

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I'd rather pay $60 for a solid, well crafted multiplayer than $60 for an adventure-line single player and completely broken or poorly balanced multiplayer.