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I'm kind of surprised at the lack of good fighting games available for the platform. I was expecting at least a Street Fighter port or two. I know there are plenty of ports available for the PSP, but quite honestly the thing is far too bulky (even the slim) for me to carry around throughout the day. Anyone else agree? Are there any other genre's lacking?

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AFAIK it's going to be a direct port of the snes version with most likely a permanent map that sits on the unused screen.

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I've got the gold Zelda Lite, and I bought my fiance the pink one.

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I think it's hilarious. It's clear that DX10 has been fully tapped into.. I can count numerous games in my library that utilize it to it's full potential.

Ok I can't, because they don't exist. DX10 should hardly even be considered a separate API from DX9, but I spose Microsoft needs something to drive software sales. DX14 launching with Windows 7 is my bet.

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The game itself is not that impressive. The engine it runs on is certainly impressive as long as you've got the insanely high specs to run it on Ultra High as they meant it to be.

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There's still ways to circumvent steam implementation. All of valve's titles have been pirated. I think 2k games had the most secure method with Bioshock, but at the same time it was punishing to those who actually purchased the game.

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joshrocks2245 said:
"Well if Metallica releases their new album this year, then that will be the best album of 2008.
Judging by their latest publicly available album, you sir, are very incorrect.
I'm going to have to go with Mercenary - Architect of Lies
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They really need to implement the guide into Vista atleast, just so I can check what my friends are doing without having to load up a game or turn on the box. I know about that XBlist program, but it kind of sucks.

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Tribes (1 or 2)

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Crytek can take their tech demos to consoles for all I care. Crysis was horrible as a game. PC gaming isn't going anywhere, folks. Developers are simply going where the money is, but developers who know what they're doing (Valve, Blizzard, Activision, Relic) will always have something worthwhile out on PCs.