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PC games have for the longest time been untradable. Steam did not make it this way, cd keys did. Steam catered to an already existing marketplace of pc gamers who were fed up with dealing with cdkeys, maintaining accounts for each and every game and the like. It did not aim to destroy a marketplace like the console trading marketplace because such a thing didn't really exist. Microsoft's DRM policies are a very transparent powergrab and nothing more. The console market is not the same as the pc market. Do not confuse yourself into believing they are.

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Titanfall looked great. Pass on the rest. Was cool to see Killer Instinct again if not just for nostalgic purposes.

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I just found the "unlikely place" part funny. Polygon is a shitfest.

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I'm quite content with Ryan-Jeff-Vinny-Brad becoming the norm again on podcasts. I like Patrick's editorials but I find his personality quite off-putting and frankly won't miss it in the podcast/videos. I do agree that the rest of the guys need to be a little more adventurous with the games they try. I like Saints Row 3 as much as the next guy but the high praise of ironic masterpieces while being indifferent to a good deal of other games just out of jadedness does not suit them well anymore. At least Brad is passionate about a game, have a hard time saying that about the rest of them the vast majority of the time.

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So when the hell is it supposed to go up?

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@prakun said:

Ben got attacked with homophobic and bigoted comments by a small minority of losers and he's taking advantage of this, blowing it out of proportion to nullify the fair and civil arguments against him done by the majority.

It's a known tactic by "gaming journalists". Also, the same thing Hepler did when people were legitimately criticizing her.

She picked a handfull of sexist comments and used them as an excuse to label everyone who disagreed with her a sexist.

It's convenient he's doing this so I can write him up on my "DO NOT TRUST" list.

The only bigot in this situation here is Kuchera. Even though Erik had no reason to apologise, he did but Ben wished to hurt his career anyway, out of spite, thinking he has the moral highground.

Ben should apologise as well if he expects anyone to take him seriously ever again. Especially since he made his own articles condoning and supporting emulation (which makes him just a hypocrite).

What worries me the most is that, seemingly, a number of "gaming journalists" have ganged up to hurt the image of Erik Kain, one of the really few actual journalists in this industry with well researched and objective articles.

Post sums up everything nicely. Will (continue to) ignore Ben Kuchera and everything he's associated with. Games journalists need to learn accountability. You can't just walk away from trying to screw with a man's life like this because a couple of people called you bad names on the internet.

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@Zigzaggin said:

@Ekami: A hivemind is different than one person in the classical sense, silly.

Seriously though, this entire thing was way more bloody than it should have been and I find that really saddening. A journalist made an honest mistake, and at the end of the day if they're willing to own up to it they deserve for it to be forgiven.

Except he has no regrets for what he said, which includes calling to damage the man's career. So no, he should not be forgiven. He's playing the victim now and that's utterly pathetic.

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Oh Ben's in this forum now? He blocked me on twitter earlier for saying this: Watching BenKuchera smear a guy for having a differing opinion hoping to damage his career and refusing to quantify his position? Pathetic.

I see instead of quantifying his position he is now admitting he made a mistake with fact checking, but is actually trying to maintain that he did no wrong. You called for damaging a man's career over a simple difference in opinion Ben. You did this before verifying facts. You deserve the ill will you are met with for you've actually done something wrong. Why Gabe chooses to employ you past this point is beyond me, but of the two journalists involved in this nonsense you're the only one deserving of being knocked out of his profession. You don't regret anything you've said, and people who are pointing out your vicious behavior are bigots? Sounds right, play the victim you fucking coward.

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Under no circumstances. Zero Dark Thirty is the American equivalent of all of those North Korean propaganda films.