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When I was a kid my parents would make me a bologna and mayo sandwich with some applesauce and cheetos. Ended up getting my sandwich and cheetos in my applesauce one day. Then I just fucking ate it that way from then on. It's ridiculously good.

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I finished Far Cry 3 and Bulletstorm yesterday. Working on Max Payne 3 right now and Dark Souls. After that I'll probably try to finish Darksiders 2.

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@Puchiko: It's not that lego is associated with Marvel, it's that Warner Bros is doing a Marvel game.

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@Taka: You'll mourn as long as you need to. Just make sure that at some point you drag yourself out of the house because if you're an introvert like me you'll just want to be alone forever and that's the worst idea. If you have any close friends tell them in 2-3 months time you need them to drag your ass out of the house. It's not the end of the world, it's not the end of your life. Don't fool yourself into thinking that. You lost something that partially defined your life for the last 7 years and it's going to fucking suck for a long time. The time will come when you look back at only vague memories of the pain, only remembering the theme and not the specifics. Until then just keep your mind busy as much as you can.

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Is OP a shit thread fanboy? I mean think about it, he made this thread and it's shit. He must be.

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ColdCognition is my ID.

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@zombie2011 said:

So after i read the review i found it kind of bad. The guy faulted it for being more of the same Halo, while wanting it to be more like COD.

Every other FPS plays like COD, while Halo is unique. I just can't wrap my mind over how this guy thinks Halo isn't unique enough because it doesn't conform to the formula every other console FPS uses.

There's not a whole lot to wrap your head around in this instance. Reviews are opinions always, and sometimes they can be objectively bad reviews.

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Didn't expect what I said to George to blow up like this, kind of feel bad that it did. But for the record I wasn't defending the Halo review. I think it's an objectively bad review as a matter of fact, I just couldn''t really believe that someone in George Broussard's position both professionally and critically would say something like that in a public manner.

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There are no winners, there are only opinions.

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My guide to enlightenment: