GB Pax Prime13 Panel (Pics)

Master The Video Games: A Giant Bomb Dot Com Self-Help Seminar

Every day we get cards and letters from average everyday Video Game Players like yourself, asking us how we got to be officially recognized as the World’s Greatest in today’s hottest games. You know, games like “Medal of Honor,” “Defense of the Ancients II,” and “Divekick.” If you’re an attendee at PAX Prime 2013, you’re in luck! Your badge will gain you exclusive access to this panel, where our team of Gaming Gurus break down the science of greatness and give you professional tips on expanding your lanes, lining up that perfect headshot, and kicking butt!


Jeff Gerstman [Giant Bomb], Vinny Caravella [Giant Bomb], Brad Shoemaker [Giant Bomb], Alex Navarro [Giant Bomb], Patrick Klepek [Giant Bomb]

Business-Man Jeff Gerstman.
Givin' the biz to Alex.
What was the question? I GOT THIS!
Duders from afar.
Freebies (This is not going to end well).

Beatboxing time.
Oh Brad...
You call that twerking?!
Taking pictures of taking pictures.
Who brings a baby to the panel?!
Divekickers in the Lang Zone.
Best souvenir ever. Big thanks to user SupernormalStep for creating this amazing art, and the GB crew for taking the time to sign it.
Posted by csl316

Snazzy Jeff, babies, Brad grabbing butts? This video needs to be posted, man. I need to know!

Posted by big_jon

Awesome stuff man, I had a great time

Posted by myketuna

Seems like the panel is gonna be a great one as always. Can't wait for the video.

I also like that @rorie's signature looks like (what seems to be) his regular ass handwriting.

Posted by Rabbykayn

For a good two minutes I thought @brad decided not to sign.. before realizing he signed ABOVE his head.

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@combot: Now THAT looks like a party ! Can't wait for the video !

Business-Man Jeff Gerstmann !

Posted by AlexanderSheen

FUCK! I can't wait to see that video! The waiting is killing me!

Posted by Zero_

That empty Ryan spot D:

Posted by SuperTess

Wait -- is that an exclamation point in Drew's signature? Even his signature is enthusiastic.

Great pics, duder!

Posted by shinboy630

I love how everyone has pretty ornate signatures then @rorie just sort of writes his name

Posted by Fattony12000

Lol at Jeff's signature. Vinny's is sick, though.

Posted by Nardak

So where is that panel? Its thursday here in europe and we still havent got the panel on the site in watchable form.