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Holy crap. Love this thread, so many good arguments for either side. I'm only a couple of hours into this game and haven't chosen which side to support yet and I'm really on the edge. Man, this game is giving me headaches... in all the good sense :)

Playing a Cyrodiil battle mage BTW... think I'll give both sides a visit and hear their arguments first (in game, that is)

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Thanks for the responses and your interpretation of the whole Ric/Vince/TNA situation. It's too bad still since I'm a huge Flair mark plus I've kinda grown bored of THQ's latest WWE releases, so I was hoping for the Nature Boy in this one. All of my friends are more or less into brawlers and wrestling, but as very, veery casual gamers had problems getting accustomed to the rather complex (for beginners, at least)  controls in the SvR games.
TL;dr it's a shame.

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How can you have an *all stars* game without *the* arguably biggest wrestling star of the past 3 decades? Do you guys have any explanations why Flair didn't make the cut? As far as I know he's signed with TNA, right? But so is Hogan, and he's in the game, so...?
Yeah, anyway, point being: Any ideas why we can't get The Nature Boy? I'd definitely shill out some extra cash for DLC Ric Flair.... woooo~!

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Same problem as OP here - where's the cars you get awarded with during Career mode? Are they only available in Quick match, where's the point in that? Shouldn't they be unlocked for use in Career mode as well? Help's appreciated!
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Hey guys,
I'm probably one of the many people who got into Persona 4 after watching Giant Bomb's great endurance run videos. So, living in Europa, I'm really contemplating ordering the PAL version (which is out these days; actually, I believe it's out today~!, March 6th)
Do you have any verdicts on differences between the PAL and NTSC versions of the game? You know, in terms of 50/60Hz support, widescreen support, the like. Seems to me a lot of PS2 games suffer from bad PAL conversions, which really makes me think about importing the game from the U.S. (two thumbs down for additional costs). 'Cause, you know, the game is only 20 Euros from day one here in the "Old World". Which is ridiculously cheap!
Thanks for your help and happy gaming.

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Definitely sounds promising to me. Never played the original Red Dead, but a "GTA in the Wild West" seems like a must buy to me. The Western Frontier's one of those settings that's been underused in video games for way too long IMO.

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I played Road to World Cup '98 on the N64 - am I the only one to think that indoor mode was nigh broken? Loved the "take a dive" feature in FIFA '99, though - multiplayer hilarity ensues.