PETA - People Eating Tasty Animals

For those of you outside the US or who don't follow American college football, Auburn releases a Bald Eagle named Spirit or a Golden Eagle named Nova to circle the stadium before every home game in front of nearly 90,000 fans. It's really an amazing spectacle, and one of them even flew at the opening ceremony of the 2002 olympic games

Last week when they hosted Mississippi State, Spirit had his first accident in history. He crashed into the plexi-glass of a luxury press box. The bald eagle was unharmed and continued his flight after the crash, landing on the 50 yard line like always.

Here's the video:

Spirit was found in the wild with a damaged beak and damaged wing. Auburn's Raptor center helped him recover, but the beak was damaged too much for him to be rereleased into the wild. Auburn uses these injured raptors to raise awareness on conservation of animals.

Well after over a decade of flights, PETA has now gotten involved and wants them to stop, saying it's cruel.

This is the same group of people that euthanizes hordes of animals every year without even attempting to find them a home...

I'm a long time Auburn fan and graduate. So this pissed me off.

I have just 3 words for PETA: Chicken, Fried, Steak.



I love the new design!

Wow! I logged on after about 5 hours of being off, and the site was completely redone on the front page! It's a lot prettier and the video interface is much easier to see if you're colorblind like me(I'm not completely colorblind, but I can't tell the difference between green and red or blue and purple or yellow and gray).
Anyone else agree? I don't know where else to tag this except the OT forum. 
Edit: After I made this I found out there's already a discussion in the General Discussion forum.


Going to Tuscaloosa next week.

I wasn't posting here much when it happened, but I'm sure most of you know about the mass of storms and tornadoes that came through the southeast a few weeks ago. Tuscaloosa, Alabama got hit the hardest. It was an EF:4 but they say it might have been an EF:5. It was almost a mile in diameter and did a lot of damage.

I donated some money to Red Cross and I'm sure some of you did too. If you haven't though, you should. It's for a good cause.

I'll be heading up there tuesday or wednesday to help clean up and see some of my friends who live there(yeah they're our rivals, but I have a lot of friends who are Alabama fans and live there too). I have one friend in particular whose apartment was flattened by it, and a lot of people are left without homes.
If you didn't see the video, it's pretty scary. This guy filmed it going through the mall. He was in the mall parking lot. At around 4:20 look at how close he was to it.
The second one is an aftermath video of a fairly large intersection that got wiped out.


And here's the aftermath

Steve Jobs' insane salary

So I was doing some research on Steve Jobs and I came across his salary. Before reading further, I want you to guess what it is. Your guess will not even come close to what it really is. When you have your guess, read further.


You know what really grinds my gears? A lot of things...

Well hey everyone, I decided I want to make this whole blog thing a weekly thing for me. I'll probably post one every week, but I'm not really sure exactly what day, just whenever I feel like it. Yeah I know I posted one about an hour ago, but that one was completely irrelevant to this. 

I need to vent. There are a lot of things that are bugging me right now, and a few of them might stir up a debate or two. What could be a better place to vent than an internet forum where nobody gives a shit what everyone else thinks, right? It's the perfect place to get completely honest opinions, because no one here knows you, and no one here really gives a shit whether you live or die, because how would they know? These are in no particular order of what pisses me off the most, I'll just try to put the most interesting ones first since no one really reads the whole blog; they just read the first couple of paragraphs and get impatient and post their response without reading the rest.

  • Videogame Piracy: Ok, this one really pisses me off- people obtaining illegal copies of games and playing them for free or for pennies. I've seen every excuse, and there is still no excuse for this. Yeah I admit to pirating music- when I was in 5th grade and Kazaa first came out(I think it came out in 2000, right?) and I didn't know any better. This whole thing was brand new at the time, and no one knew it was illegal.
You cannot call pirating games "convenient". With all the trouble I've seen yall go through, and the hours and hours it takes yall to download games through these "torrents", you could have probably WALKED to the nearest store and bought it. Another excuse I hear a lot of is, "I wanted to try it and make sure I like it before I buy it, if I like it I go out and buy it". Have you heard of fucking Blockbuster? GameFly? Yeah we're all upset that there aren't many companies making demos anymore, but seriously, do you really expect me to believe you'll go out and buy a game you already pirated? I'm calling bullshit on this. And now here comes the big excuse:
"I can't afford it". You can't afford to spend $50-$60 on a game, but you can afford a $300 console, or a $1,500 PC? Or did mommy and daddy buy these for you? Get a fucking job. You can get a job at 15, or you can do what I did, mow lawns for the neighbors. 
Or did you forget to preorder it, and now you have to wait for the new hit game to get another shipment? So instead of rewarding the company for making such an awesome game, you just ripped them off. You think it's nothing, but it adds up. Here's how it goes.
You pirate a game by downloading it off the internet using bittorent. It's the same thing as if you walked into GameStop, grabbed it off the shelf, and walked out. You have a hard copy of the game after you burn it on your DVD Burner. You can get the manual and cover online. You probably spent less than a dollar on the game after buying the DVD cases, and the blank DVD. The companies lose money, the store loses money, and our government loses money. This means the company has a smaller budget for its next big hit, the store has to raise the prices, and the taxpayers have to pay for the money you didn't spend. Yeah one game won't do anything, but its the thousands of you doing it that adds up.

So if you pirate games, fuck you. I honestly hope the government comes to your house and arrests you and takes you to jail. I will gladly pay for that in my taxes that I actually pay.

  • Europeans hating on America: "Stupid, fat Americans". Ok Europeans. If it wasn't for America, you would be controlled by a Nazi supreme government started by Hitler. You would definitely not have this amazing technology the way it is today. The Internet probably wouldn't exist, the Soviet Union would still be intact since it wouldn't spend so much it economically collapsed. God knows how many Communist nations USSR would've conquered without a power like America to rival them. Hell, cars wouldn't even exist the way they are today. It would've taken a while for someone to start the production line that Henry Ford did.
But back to the present. What would you watch on TV? I've seen BBC, and Planet Earth/Blue Planet would get old after a while. Computers would suck, probably still be preMS-DOS. You should be thanking us, not insulting us. Even if you were to stop Germany, you'd probably still be run by a Dictator since Democracy would not have been proven to work. And the reason yall hate our Right to Bear Arms? Because it's the only reason we defeated you in the Revolution and survived the War of 1812. Imagine how different it would've been if yall had guns in every household during World War II. You probably could have fought off the Nazis instead of having your whole continent lay in ruins. That's why no one can beat us on our home turf, and it's why the Soviet Union couldn't conquer Afghanistan. We're ready for it all the time. Oh yeah, and who do you think gave yall the money to rebuild after WWII? USA. 
We thank yall for your support, and we don't hate Europeans. We think you're all goofy as hell, but in a good way; like a "I wanna get drunk with them" kinda way. Yall are the reason for our existence, and we're the reason for your existence, so why do you hate us? Everyone does something stupid, but this is America. We are the ones that broadcast globally, not you. We love comedy, so when someone does something so stupid its funny, we broadcast it. Yeah we have a lot of fat fucks in our country because convenience has become essential in our daily lives. Now we're becoming more involved with health and exercise, and the environment. Its mostly the Baby Boomers that are fat as hell. Our generation(at least at my college) is pretty fit compared to the Boomers, and we're more into fitness.
By the way, don't insult American politics. You don't know what you're talking about.

  • Fat girls that think they're hot because they have big boobs: We've all dealt with it. We're talking on the phone to our female friend that's pretty hot(lets call her Kristen), and she gives the phone to her friend that we've never met(let's call her Mandy). We ask Mandy what she looks like, and she says, "I'm 5'2, blonde, and I have bigger boobs than Kristen". We get excited! Petite, blonde AND busty! Then Kristen invites her to hang out with the 3 of you, and we end up vomiting in our mouth at our first glance at this fat cow.
Of course she has big boobs! She's so fat that her body stopped storing fat in the belly/thighs, and resorted to storing it in her chest since it ran out of room everywhere else! Plus she's short, so she looks like a giant bowling ball! Then we have to be nice since she's our hot friend's friend, and we don't want to ruin things with Kristen. So Mandy thinks you're flirting with her since you're being nice to her and she's never had a guy pay that much attention to her. So we get a call from the fat whale the 3 days later, and she asks us why we haven't kept in touch. We have to be nice, so it leads to even more shit with a clueless fat girl who thinks you want her. It's a lose/lost situation.

I have more but maybe I'll post those another time. I'm feeling a lot calmer now, plus this one's pretty long and I'm getting tired of typing, and I have a class in 30 minutes so I need to shower for the day and get ready. If you read the whole thing, you're cool as shit.

PS: Sorry for typing 'yall' so much. This was me letting out some steam, and I was typing like I would speak it. So it's not exactly perfect English.

Most awesome Starcraft 2 character ever, and I missed it!

I'm betting someone else already posted this amazing Starcraft 2 Character, the Terratron. It's your last defense for the Terran base. It takes every single building you have and morphs into a transformer-like super defender. It was posted on April 1st, and I just checked the first time today. I wish I saw it on April fools day! It would've been the absolute best thing ever, and It would make the Terran almost invincible. Too bad it was only a joke.

Quote: "Terratron Terrorize!!!"

It would be kinda cheap though. It would make the Terran impossible to beat, but it would be so funny if they made it an option for the "use map settings" games.

Barack Obama- the greatest gun salesman in American history?

I remember the day Obama was elected. I called my dad as soon as it was announced, and the first thing he said to me was not, "We're fucked", but instead it was, "Son, we're buying you some new guns while we still can". Since then, he's bought me two new guns. The first was for my birthday, a few days before christmas. It was a 30-06 Springfield. It confused me because I already had a .308 Winchester, which is basically the same rifle as a 30-06, except the .30-06 is a lighter weight, but a higher velocity. The second gun was a few weeks ago. It was a Browning Silver Stalker, and I chose the 12 Gauge instead of the 20 gauge since I already have the smaller 20 Gauge for quails, and I could use the larger 12 Gauge for ducks. A Browning, arguably the best shotgun brand(against Berelli), and costs over $1000, making it the most expensive(not the most valuable) gun in our collection.

Well now he's talking about ANOTHER one. I told him I don't need any more guns, because I have just about every size and type of gun you'd need to take down any size game you'll find in North America, but he's just worried we'll lose our right some time in the next 4 years. It's funny, because his latest excuse is, "well what if you decide to take a hunting trip to Africa later in your life? You'll need something a little bigger for that, like a .455". 

Well, this got me thinking. So I went to google and typed in "Barack Obama gun" to see if he plans on doing anything about our 2nd amendment any time soon. I couldn't find anything recent about that, but instead I found a lot of sites that basically say, "Barack Obama fuels gun buying boom with pledge to tighten laws". I think this is completely true. We're buying guns, and a lot of my friends are buying guns because we're all worried about restrictions/taxes that Obama might place on them. 

Now Obama never planned on banning the sale of all guns, but he planned on taxing the hell out of ammunition, and heavily restricting any center-fire firearm, because he stupidly thought all center-fire firearms are armor-piercing. 

So what's to make of this? Obama has announced plans to do almost everything else that he promised in his campaign, but I haven't heard him even say the word firearm or second amendment. I've heard some senators talking about the gun traffic to Mexico, but the NRA talked some sense into them because they were blaming our loose gun laws, and the NRA proved that this wasn't true. Has he changed his mind? Forgotten? Or is he just too busy right now? I think it's just not one of his priorities at the moment, but as of right now he's done just the opposite of what he wanted in the gun perspective. The fear of losing our 2nd Amendment has made us think that we should stock up while we still have the right. 

So thank you President Obama. Now I have 2 more guns that I probably wouldn't have, because of the promises you made regarding our 2nd Amendment in your campaign.

Edit: I'm laughing at the people who gave me a -7 rating just because of the fact that when Obama was elected, people went out and bought more guns. It's a fucking fact. The rating system is for trolling, flaming, spam, etc. This doesn't fall into any of those categories, it's a fucking blog.

Bad experience with Prednisone. Never taking it again.

Well, to get started, I got some really bad poison Ivy a couple weeks ago. Usually when I get it they just give me a cream that helps a lot, but this time it was EVERYWHERE(face, balls, arms) so the cream couldn't be used. The doctor gave a shot of Cortisone, and put me on 12 days of Prednisone. Here's how the dosing went: 60 mg in the morning for the first 4 days, 40 mg in the morning for next 4 days, and 20 mg in the morning for the last 4 days. The Poison Ivy is almost gone. I just finished the pills yesterday.

The first 2 nights I was on it, I was miserable. My legs were hurting so bad, and my bones felt like they were gonna break just by walking. It felt like my legs were in a vice being crushed. The next few days were OK, just the occasional leg cramp. Well earlier tonight, I sat down to take a dump, got up, and my knees gave out on me. I fell, and couldn't get up. I had to crawl to my bed. I lied down for about an hour, tried again, and I still couldn't walk without using my hands for support on every available object in the room. I took some ibuprofen, and I still can't walk. It doesn't HURT at all, my knees are just really numb, and they have no strength at all. 

I've googled it, and I found a lot of people who had similar problems coming off of Prednisone, but none of them said how long this lasts. I did read a few of them had to have knee replacement surgery because of it. I wish the morning would hurry up and get here so I can call the stupid university med clinic.

If you've had a bad experience with Prednisone, hit me up and tell me about it.