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We(USA) were clearly outplayed the whole game except for the last 15 minutes. Fun game though.

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@KrypticKiller said:

This always come down to who you like more as a character.

If you are into this kind of crap the forums over at Comicvine are filled with it. It's pretty much the only thing that gets talked about.

Exactly. They get into it too much for me to follow. I'd rather talk about it here with a bunch of guys that were kind of into it for a little while like me, than a bunch of guys who are really passionate about it. I couldn't keep up with those guys.

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oh fucking christ really?

Yeah, really.

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@medacris: Goku would fight him to test how strong he is. Goku's always looking for a strong guy to fight.

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Both are from an alien planet, and both were sent to earth. Goku was sent to destroy Earth(and ended up protecting Earth), Superman was sent to protect Earth. So who do you think would win? Here's an awesome video someone animated of them fighting.

I was a Dragonball fan growing up. I remember setting the VCR to tape it on Toonami every day. The greatest episode was Goku vs Vegeta's beam battle when Vegeta and Napa came to Earth for the Dragonballs.

Superman is a boring superhero in my opinion. He's pretty much invincible. There's no fun in that!

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How is this thread still alive? Does this site have moderators?

Because this thread hasn't yet degraded to flames and trolls. Plus the election is in 4 days, so they're probably going to let political threads slide until the election.

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@Milkman said:

@Commando I'll give Bush credit for wasting trillions of dollars by starting two useless wars and I'll give him credit for mismanaging one of the greatest natural disasters in America history. Also, if you want to somehow put the blame Obama for the attacks in Libya then I guess I could give Bush credit for 9/11 too. See, plenty of credit!

I suggest you read my post before you try to respond to it next time...

I never blamed Obama for the attacks on the American Embassy in Libya. I blamed him for ignoring their requests for security and lying to the American people after the attack...

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@MariachiMacabre said:


I'm willing to give Romney the nod over Obama.

Obama had a chance to do something, and all he did during his 4 years is bail out GM(and the bailout was ironically started by George W Bush) and kill Osama bin Laden. What about the budget? Guantanamo Bay? Why is he investing taxpayer money in energy companies that end up filing bankruptcy? Why is he wasting stimulus money? His spending is out of control. He spends like a 13 year old girl with her daddy's "Gold Card".

He refused to provide security to our embassy in Libya, despite numerous requests from the ambassador to get more security. Then he tries to cover up the terrorist attack on that embassy by telling us it's a reaction to a YouTube video, when it turns out he was watching the attack in the White House remotely from a drone. He lied to us several times on that.

So Obama's already proven he's incompetent to lead our country. Time to give someone else a turn.

Yeah like the guy who was barely in his state when he lead it and when it was 47th in job growth. And giving GWB credit for GM is hilarious because GWB helped start the recession by never putting two wars on the books.

So you can blame Bush for the recession, but you won't give him credit for anything else he did? Sounds fair....

The recession has been in the works long before Bush was in office. Bush did not cause the housing bubble to burst. I suggest you look up the "Community Reinvestment Act" that started in the Carter administration and was further loosened by Clinton. It forced banks to give sub-prime mortgages.