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I used to have Kodi as a non steam game because I could launch it in big picture and it would still use my 360 controller (easier for comfy couch). I guess I have to stop because I don't want to illegally redistribute videos.

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When our reaction to dehumanizing and threatening other people is "but it's different when we do it" then we've given up on the very cause and values we pretend to believe in. I didn't "choose a team" in this fight not just because of the vile behavior on both sides but because of the much higher percentage of people saying "false equivalence" or "but they have it coming". I've heard arguments on both sides that I feel have merit and I side only with the individuals who can show empathy and decency.

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Modern Warfare 2 was a disappointment for me. While Call Of Duty 4's multiplayer always had a sense of balance MW2 just added so much with so little thought that having a close competitive game was very few and far between. Basically whoever got those kill streaks first could pretty much dominate the game to the point where the second half of the game became the losing team trying not to have their precious K/D ratio completely demolished. Also fuck akimbo shotguns.

I shouldn't have to elaborate on the problems of the campaigns "plot".

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Alan wake was terribly boring for me. You shine a light on a enemy and shoot, rinse and repeat. it wouldn't have been so bad but the "scary" parts were so predictable it was laughable.

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Final Fantasy 7 wasn't a bad game. It did have a lot of flaws though and somebody disliking it is neither uncommon or unwarranted.

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The barrage of blatantly ignorant statements he delivers as solid industry facts coupled with totally random percentages coming right out of his ass are little mistakes? And how exactly is this related to his knowledge about business? He could be the best business analyst in the world, doesn't change a damn thing about (and is in no way related to) his laughable outrageously misinformed facts. Also, please, spare me the pathetic attempts at trying to spin this into a "hardkoar gamer cred" kind of call-out and stick to the discussion at hand.

Ok the facts at hand.

He predicted the Kinect would be more successful then the move

Predicted Cod online membership

Was fairly correct predicting PS3 price drops

He is right sometimes and sometimes he spouts uneducated stuff on a free video he makes just for the hell of it. I refuse to acknowledge the completely passive aggressive tone you have given this thread

Also for the record I don't always agree with that person, I still like him....It's called being an adult.

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And yet despite his knowledge of intricate videogame facts he does pretty well. It's because he knows quite a bit about videogames and even more about business and making money.

But by all means talk down to him. After all while his business sense is making him money your ability to pick up on every little mistake is earning you massive hardcore gamer cred. And that has worth in the real world....right.....RIGHT.

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robotic sentries.

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@ComradeKhan said:

He's going the be the new intern at GB. Move over Matt Kessler!

They are going to form a tagteam. The Kessler Sessler connection.

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There are obviously some militarily intelligent/experienced people in here trying to explain this. I however, would like to point out that this is a video game. If we are going to bitch about going into a room with your back, than we need to to bitch about regenerating health, repairing vehicles that just took a couple of missiles to it's side with a repair "gun," and numerous other things that break realism.

Good lord.

There are people who think they'll do well in the army because they play a lot of Call Of Duty. I'm not joking.