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Aw man, my friends and I have been quite excited for this game for a'll be fantastic if it's in the next bundle (since I'd rather get it through Humble Bundle than just preorder the game alone).

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Dishonored, because it was one of the few blockbuster games this year that I was quite excited about...but I think I might get that for Christmas, anyway.  And I'm quite happy to play Dark Souls and my recently purchased The Walking Dead for now.

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The S.T.A.L.K.E.R. bundle, The Walking Dead, Quantum Conundrum, Splinter Cell, Universe Sandbox, Price of Persia: Forgotten Sands, and Splinter Cell: Double Agent.  And I'm sure I'll be getting plenty more...although most of the ones I know I'll get eventually are already $2.49, so that helps a lot...

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If I am to only use currently existing games...
An epic RPG 4 player co-op, inspired by Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, with the open world of Fallout/Elder Scrolls, with the controls of Dark Souls, with the visuals and heart of Journey, with the dark humor and environmental story telling of Valve games, and the narration style of Bastion. At least that's what I can think of off the top of my head.
If I am to not use currently existing games...then I just want something so different and innovative I could not have anticipated its existence. And it has co-op as an integral part of the main game, not something tacked on at the last moment.

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Machinarium was probably the last one that I actually beat...charming art style and challenging puzzles at times, but overall the narrative was a bit disappointing, even perhaps too short.

I'm currently playing Dark Souls (restarted it this summer and finally getting to return to it) and Zeno Clash right now...the previous making the latter seem pretty bad...which is sad, since I had heard that Zeno Clash had pretty good melee combat.

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Colour Bind was one I saw a bit ago that looked intriguing enough that I'll eventually get during the sale...part of me is wondering that if it starts at 75%, if there'll be a chance it'll go down even further...but probably not. I'll be sure to get it before the sale ends. I'm hoping for Don't Starve to go down more in price, as well, since that was another game that looked intriguing.
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You'll probably want to invest in enchantment, too...I had 100 in enchantment, and could make enchanted armor that made destruction spells cost absolutely nothing.

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They shouldn't have lied...or if things had changed, they should have notified fans that everything they had said in interviews before the release were no longer true. Especially since not having an A/B/C ending was what I was so excited about for the game...
For example, I know I'm still sad about the change from Overstrike to Fuse, since I was so excited for Overstrike (and Fuse was a version stripped of everything I found charming about Overstrike), but at least they're not hiding the fact they've had to make major changes....okay, so that's comparing oranges and apples, since it would be impossible to hide such a change when they put out more trailers closer to release...but if something so drastically had changed about a game, such as having a diverse, numerous amount of endings to having just three, a company should have find some way to mention that such changes had occurred during development since the interviews.  I'm not going to get angry at Insomniac for the change...just be disappointed.
I know that's probably the biggest thing that angered me, but I will admit another problem was I didn't finish the game until after I had heard glimpses of outrage about it, and thus I do not think I will ever be able to comment content wise about it for  a long while.  Granted, I don't think I would have ever thought the ending was amazing (and plus I haven't played or seen the "correction" Bioware has done), but I do not think I would have been as angry...
Although Bioware games in general do not seem to be as amazing as I once thought, ever since listening to someone from Bioware speak about "contrastive juxtaposition" in their games...since they punish those who don't go black or white (or rather red or blue), as if it's not okay to be neutral or to have varying opinions.
Edit: Seriously, though, if I had read an article saying that things had changed since that one interview BEFORE the game came out, I'm very certain I would have approached Mass Effect's ending differently (if such an article existed, I would very much have liked to see it).  I also think it was sad how many people were also getting angry at people for being angry about the ending!  People who liked, hated, loved, disliked the ending...they all have a right to their own opinions about it.
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I am subscribed to waaay too many RSS feeds, including the BBC, and some more local news places, including some website feeds just for technology and science (besides the BBC's own feed for that).  I'll admit, though, I sometimes get too overwhelmed with my feeds that I hear more from the Daily Show/Colbert Report...and I know I should be hearing the news from more than just them...but it's better than nothing, right...?

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There were certainly aspects of the game I enjoyed (e.g., the 1940s music), but I know when I finished the game I was quite disappointed with the game...the main reason was the beginning sequence was so lively, particularly because so much was happening that didn't really have anything to do with the main character! It was like the NPCs had lives and were busily going about them as you were just walking by...and then for the rest of the game, the city was pretty dead.  Of course its asking a lot probably to have that sort of level of detail in such a large setting...but I wanted it sooo bad. I loved the veeery beginning of that game soo much, that it made the rest of the game seem so much less, for me.