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@dark: Dude! DUDE! DUDE! Thank you so so so so much! I was there before, I missed the lever, and I ended up going from the nest in the fort to meeting McDuff, and then trying to fight the lost sinner, then trying and failing to make it to the top of the Belfry Luna. I literally was about to quit the game, I thought I was going to lose my mind and had no idea what to do. Thank you so much.

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Only problem I have is Unfinished has negative connotations (with the un prefix), at least to me. A more positive spin for a title could be As It Develops, In Progress, In Utero. Something that denotes growth towards final rather than something that is not final.

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I think having an outlet for criticism is useful, and shouldn't be disregarded so casually. Reviews should be the place to hash out the good and bad of the game, and how you reconcile those aspects with your own personal perspective. I find a lot of satisfaction out of reviews with angles that are interesting, that have something to say about the game, the contexts surrounding the game, and the personal experiences caused by the game. Attaching a "score" at the end of the essay is not important and should be dropped. What the review should be is an outlet for the great writers on staff to spit hot literary lines about the games that moved them. Whether that be good games or bad (Alex venom is potent and highly entertaining).

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I finally got GTA Online working by rearranging my internal network to be more standard (router is dhcp and dns server, instead of using my mac mini as dhcp and dns server). It didn't affect any other game except GTA. Weird. Anyway, now that I can play the Giantbomb PS3 crews are full. If anyone wants to play, I'm Corkandorgha on PSN. Cheers!

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I just played The Last of Us factions with no problems whatsoever. If The Last of Us works flawlessly on my network, shouldn't GTA Online? This is really disappointing.

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I just tried connecting 10 times, and each time it displayed the same "failed to host gta online session" error. This is actually my first attempt to try GTA online since it launched, as I was hoping that with a little time this issue would be sorted out. Any one else experiencing this? Any things I can try to fix this? I'm on the PS3. This is real frustrating and real disappointing.

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It looks like a bad design. I can't believe it doesn't at least have some form or face buttons or d-pad/joystick. You have four buttons you can press without lifting your thumbs of one of the trackpads. If you lift off one, you have 6 buttons, but those two surrounding the touchscreen look awkwardly placed at best. If you lift of one of the sticks on a regular controller, you have 8 buttons that you can be pressing while stick being able to move/aim. I think touch implementations of joysticks are bad, even with all the haptics and physical contours. I don't know, was super excited about the Steam Machine, but this controller seems like a miss.

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Is there an equivalent of Electrochoc, because that's the only station I care about. Might listen to the Rebel Radio if there is some Rockabilly in there.

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I am ready to race.