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Dave, what are you going to do next after the most critical years of parenthood?

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Yes, I played the campaign, I played the training. But that doesn't prepare you for online, because the campaign on normal is super easy (apparently, thats the difficulty I played) and the units are so messed with and changed that it isn't applicable to the multiplayer at all. My skill level is: build SCVs, bulid supply depot, built barracks, build supply depot build SCV, etc etc. By the time I reach 50 supply and have about 30 marines, and 10 maruaders, I go to harrass their base and they already have siege/roach/whatever, my army is decimated, and I type in GG. Honestly, that has been my experience with 10 online matches. Not fun, really demoralizing. I don't see the point in putting anymore time into getting my assed kicked.

Edit: Don't get me wrong, I want to love this game. I want to be able to participate in the online, and be part of the community. But in most games I see some sort of progression or reason for me to keep playing. In this online, I just get hammered and hammered. I don't care how many replays I watch, if my basic skill of making basic units can't compete with other peoples basics skill of making units, what's the point?

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I played my first 10 HOTS ranked matches and get trounced significantly in each one. I'm talking I bulild ten marines and a couple siege tanks, and my opponent has double my units. I honestly don't know how to compete or build faster. This is frustrating. Starcraft 2 is like homework, and I have enough work to do in my professional life, I can't deal with the stress and study it takes to be even MEDIOCRE in starcraft. I think I'm done. Its not worth it for me.

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@seanfoster: Next item on mine is the xbox version of Spelunky, Trials Evo finally is coming out for steam, now if Spelunky does, I will be very very happy.

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Origin ID: corkandorgha

Timezone: MST

Canada represent! Anybody else having a bitch of a time winning the medium and hard races?

EDIT: Once I stuck with one car and fully upgraded it, the difficulty curve is starting to even out.

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I miss the cartridges and the packaging, the instruction manuals with the story at the beginning and the painstakingly drawn artwork illustrating all the controls. I miss driving (with my parents or grandparents) an hour to the nearest town, anticipating the one game I could buy that month on the way, and then immediately opening the box and reading the manual for the drive home. The smell of a brand new Nintendo box, nothing like it, fresh printing and plastic.

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Yeah, my math is bad, should have gone by the indie bundle number! I hope I was thinking 4 days left, but I am too tired to remember.

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Just looked it up, Dogfish Head doesn't export to Canada, that sucks. Luckily there is a good craft brew in Edmonton (Alley Cat), their Full Moon APA is very good.

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@CoinMatze: Hate to break it to you, but HOT PURSUIT ISA GONNA WIN!

EDIT: @crusader8463: I love that you used an actual list for this, great idea! I gotta use the lists more.

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@Jayzilla: I remember drinking that when I was in Boston a while back, very very good!

My top beers that I can buy here and I like.

1. Grolsch

2. Asahi

3. Newcastle Brown

Special mention for Guinness: I love it, but don't drink it regularly, only special occasions.