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I should be taking this opportunity for gifting a little too, thanks for reminding me!

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I'm hoping for a last minute ARMA flash sale or community choice sale that will drop it down more, that's really the only thing I am waiting on now, because, well, I gots too many games to play already.

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I don't think I will ever play any of them though, too busy watching Day Z youtube videos... Street Fighter is damn good, but I need an arcade stick, the PS3 controllers I have bluetoothed to my PC just are not allowing my to execute repeated hadoukens before getting my head kicked in online.

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Mine is $62.50. With that, I have purchased (just games, not dlc unless specified):

Super Street Fighter 4: AE (with all costumes), Borderlands, The Witcher 2:EE, Renegade Ops, Metro 2033, Cave Story+, Mirror's Edge, Company of Heroes, and Torchlight.

It will soon be more ifwhen NFS: Hot Pursuit hits the Community Choice sale.

But guys $62.50, thats the cost of ONE new retail game. Just plain crazy.

What has been your damage so far?

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Hey, I'm glad to have helped! Computers can be finicky little buggers sometimes.

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Majora's Mask, save for one dungeon towards the end (I vaguely remember it being a sort of square with a big hole in the middle, if anyone can remember details I'd appreciate it), is the most inventive, unique, and brilliant Zelda game there has ever been.

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No means NO!

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@CheapPoison: Good point. Still, I think its the ridiculousness to even mention BF4 when there is still TWO expansions scheduled for BF3. How 'bout let a game breathe a while! Greedy publishers, getting greedier.

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@c0l0nelp0c0rn1: @Rhaknar: It depends on the publisher as well, most publishers other than Valve do not allow gifting of extra copies of games. This is my understanding.

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Yeah, this game looks like complete dog shit, BUT Bayonetta, soooooo we will see. On a side note: anyone here used to be a huge Metal Gear fan, and isn't anymore (not just because of this game)? I am in that category.