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The only way to be sure is to nuke it from orbit (format and reinstall win 7 with latest drivers). The other big thing, is check the BIOS (making sure its the latest version, all settings are default, etc). I was working on an older PC the other day, and the BIOS had a CPU setting (compatible, I think) that had the consequence of making the CPU run at 100% all the time, crazy...

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This video completely ruined the game for me. I can't imagine myself playing it without bursting out in laughter at random times.

This was my first exposure to the game earlier today. The game looks kinda interesting.

This guy sounds like Greg Kasabin, and reminds me of the Skyrim live stream. Just imagine that it is Greg, you will have a much better time.

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*say nothing and shake crime stick at 'em*

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Shut up, crime!

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Yeah, seriously. I thought Bf 3 was going to be supported a long time and be the anti COD as far as yearly release cycles go. This kind of nonsense makes MoH and BF look like just black ops and modern warfare equivalents.

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I think Tekken is crap, so I have no interest in it. If I want 3d no projectiles, I play VF.

Give me KoF, give me SF, GIVE ME CAPCOM VS SNK!!

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I second the Civ 5 staff battle royale.

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GTA 4 was a milestone just as GTA 3 was before it, with grounded story telling and physics that further evolved the sandbox genre. I loved Saints Row 3, but they are playing with the building blocks that Rockstar created.

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Sorry Patrick, losing a father, that is beyond understanding. Hang in, my thoughts are with you and yours, for what its worth.

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Sleepy cat is sleepy! Leave sleepy cat alone!