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I just moved in to a new apartment in October right when all of the new AAA games starting being released. So I haven't bought a game in a while, or even played any since I've been so busy moving in and finding a new job. One side of me is going crazy seeing all of the games coming out that I haven't gotten a chance to play yet, but the other side of me really doesn't mind because I know that by the time I do get around to playing games again they will all be way cheaper than they are now. I usually buy games for full price right when they come out just because I don't have the self control to wait, so maybe my current situation is a good thing since I'll end up saving some money when I finally start playing games again after the new year. 

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Simple, catchy music.

thats a good one
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@mordukai: I completely agree.. It was the magic of the mystery. These days we know everything about the game months before its even released. I liked it better when all of the best parts of a game had to be discovered in the months after a games release.
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@Veektarius said:

@Daiphyer: Well, Alif Baa is "A" & "B" so it's essentially calling a textbook "ABCs"... I'm sure you knew that already.

Well, alphabet is "A" & "B" (alpha & beta)... I'm sure you knew that already.
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I was wondering about this. When I saw him in the Bridgestone commercial i was like "is he not Kevin Butler anymore?"

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I do wish that there was a wider variety of games to choose from with mature themes, complex characters with ambiguous motives, and headier subject matter. I've used games as a form of therapy when I've been hurt or on the rebound from a failed relationship and I found the same problem that you did; most games aren't complex or realistic enough for me to draw parallels to my current situation and relate to on a personal level. Most games are so fantastical and "perfect" that they work only as an escape from my emotional predicament... But sometimes what I really want or really need at the moment is a realistically enigmatic story with characters who deal with a complex range of emotions (not just cocky superheros) so that I can find parallels to my situation and take comfort in the game's similarities to my real world problems. When games achieve this they can be truly therapeutic and cathartic for me... and then I can go back to playing games as a childish escape.

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Rhythm guitar is the best place to start and soloing is kind of the final frontier (at least thats how i went about it). I like to do it all really, I make beats and then play a rhythm guitar track to it (sometimes keys or synth), then add bass guitar, then lead, and then finally my favorite part is to rip a solo over the top of it all.

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I'm going to go watch it right now.

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 This is what i've got.
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I hate when DLC gets announced for a game that isn't even out yet. Let me play the fucking game before you try to entice me with even more content that will have a price tag. It almost makes it feel like your game will now be inferior because you won't get the super huge nuclear machine gun or get to play as a walking statue of liberty that throws fireballs and instead you'll just get the 'vanilla' game.

I hate it. Wait until the game is released.

Once again, they are just letting you know whats going to be available since they already know what the DLC is there is no point in keeping it a secret. I'm sorry you hate it, but you better get used to it.