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I'm using Google Chrome Version 25.0.1364.97m on Win7.

The opening of the SimCity Quick Look makes for an excellent comparison. Smooth as when small, choppy and gif-like when full-screened. Watching vids on my HDTV is unbearable because of this.

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Does anyone else experience a significant drop in framerate when you embiggen or fullscreen videos? Plays incredibly smoothly at the smaller size but the moment i enlarge it struuuugles like a mofo.

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@DrFlapjack said:

Every game seems to start in the same place when I leave and come back, but I'm having issues with lag. Which doesn't make sense to me.

I've had the lag issues too. Just exiting and restating once it starts lagging fixes it easy. Should only happen on Spewer or Aether but.

Try turning on the lo-res versions of each game too. Might solve some issues.

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It saves everything for me just fine?

Edmund advised people on his blog not to use any web clean up tools. All saves are stored in your internet temp files because they're flash. If your having issues with saves that might be it?

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Location: Brisbane, Australia

ISP: iiNet

I am super confused by that IP in the tracert but. Is that correct or should I be looking for a different IP?

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Yep. It unfixed itself. And no YouTube option for subs (I'm sure this will be fixed soon but) means I can't watch anything right now.


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As of right now now I can stream via the new player with zero issues!

The problems has been intermittent in the past for me but. We'll see how it fares later today.

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God dammit. What's the solution to this? Is there any?

Everything else on the site loads slowly but at least it's bearable. Video is impossible to view but.

Is it likely that GB will switch from Amazon to Gamespot's hosting in the near future?

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This is seriously infuriating. It's taking upwards of 10 minutes to buffer every 5 seconds of video now... on Low.

Surely it can't be Telstra, right? People outside Australia are being affected too.

No confirmation on the cause/a fix?

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PS: I'm Australian and I'm with iiNet. Is it possible our speeds are being throttled server-side based on region? That would suck immensely.

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