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Barret is fucking awesome, do people really have an issue with him?

My guess is his dialogue read like a stereotypical black guy, he would get loud, shout and swear a lot like some gangsta.

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No game is unanimously loved by 100% of gamers. You can't please everyone and that is understandable, there will always be a minority that did not enjoy a great game for various reasons and there is nothing wrong with that.

I feel it will be really bad for Final Fantasy VII however. No matter what it does, it will probably get masses of hate. For example, let's look at one thing that always makes each Final Fantasy game unique: the combat system.

Does the FFVII remake stick to the classic ATB system which is not relevant to today's gaming generation? Or does it modernise and become an action RPG that alienates long time fans of FFVII?

Does the story play it safe and do nothing different? Well it could but it might be criticized as a wasted opportunity. In fact on Neogaf there is a topic stating that this remake will deviate in some forms, and already some people are starting to become concerned the atmosphere and story of the first game will change too drastically.

Whether this game plays just like FFVII or it modernises to today's gaming standards in aspects other than graphics this game is going to generate hate I think. Poor SE. :/

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I have to say Playstation because:

- The Last Guardian

- Final Fantasy VII

- Shenmue 3

all in one conference? Can that ever be topped? That's like three huge long awaited projects that many feared would never see the light of day and bam all in one go they got announced.

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Shocking to hear. This guy would make me laugh on my way to work as I listen to the Bombcast, his humour would make the day more lively and less dull. Rest in peace, will never forget the laughs.

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How much was the PS3? I think it was the same but I am not sure.

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I will.

My reasoning is that the Xbox One looks just as complex in starting a game as a PC. You have to turn on the console, connect to the internet, check the game is registered, check that Kinect is connected and then there might be mandatory updates and then you play your game.

On Steam you boot up the computer, possibly connect to the internet (Steam has an offline mode, I used it for 8 months straight at university), check the game is registered, do downloads in your own time and then play the game.

The advantage of consoles has typically been about ease and that does not apply to the Xbox One, when I buy a game for £45 I want to feel I own it and am not just renting it, games on the PC are at least typically £35 to make up for this. And should the Xbox One take off we can expect the generation after to be doing whether it is Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony and I do not like that.

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@rowr said:

Surely there's a new gears or whatever epic is working on in that list somewhere.

I guess lionhead must be working on something right? Haven't seen them for years.

A new viva pinata would be cool. A kinect viva pinata sounds like something i wont go near.

I think Gears of War will be like Unreal Tournament, a great Epic franchise that gets dumped for a newer IP. And that is fine in the case of Gears, it is a complete story, the trilogy ended it and prequels never advance a story, they just go backwards.

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@keres said:

Who the hell preorders a new console at Blockbuster?

People that love TV and films...


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Xflop, the classic Nintendo/PC/PS3 fanboy name for the console.

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@thebox said:

NO Point having a war, both consoles have something good about them either a certain game/exclusive or even just something one console has and the other doesn't.

Lets take 360 and PS3 for example, 360 had cross game chat PS3 had An Internet Browser which Xbox didn't have for ahwhile, and as we go into exclusives both had many


Ratchet and Clank Series

Uncharted Series

Killzone Series

Little Big planet


Halo Series

Gears Of War Series



Both Consoles have and always will have something better then the other yeah maybe some of the games I mentioned aren't liked by one side of the console sides, but they are obviously a success such as LBP maybe not many people like the game and they think it's childish but there is so much to do in it that you don't even Know! And maybe the other side doesn't like Halo for what ever reason this Console war will always go on but in conclusion both sides are good in my eyes!


No point? I love console wars, not that I side with any company and their console but because I often find the nerd rage/denial hilarious.