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Sucks for people who want to play multiplayer... I joined a game in no time at all and got my ass handed to me. As an engineer I'd love to see a postmortem on this. There are some smart people that work there and if they didn't see this coming... what the heck is going on?

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Hey guys, people other than your healthcare provider having information about your health is a DANGEROUS and very slippery slope. Young people, please consider the reasons we have HIPAA

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Guess I wont be watching Jeff´s naked streams anymore.

A few girls in bikinis ruined everyone's fun :(

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The first DLC for Halo 2 was 5 multiplayer maps for $12

And that was in 2005 money!

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Q: If gamers have concerns about corruption in games media in the future, what do you think would be some better ways of pursuing the issue?

This is a giant thread and I just saw your topic after I posted... but I do have a suggestion for you. If you aren't monetarily or otherwise invested in how well a game publisher is doing, then I would simply try and decide for yourself which journalistic outlet isn't corrupt, then give them your patronage. If it isn't obvious, then the problem is likely unsolvable.

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Shouldn't have run any articles about the topic in the first place. You've probably had that thought already. Though, I'm somewhat thankful GB was the first place I even heard about whateverthefuckthisis, because I've managed to avoid *most* of the junk surrounding it. Then I saw you running more stories about it and began to shake my head.

I can ask 100% of people I know, who are not from the Internet, and they would not have a CLUE what GamerGate is. Hell... I still barely know. This one fact... this ONE thing, tells me how ridiculous this all is. If people are being threatened over the Internet, that is something for the FBI to handle. NOT patrons of a videogame enthusiast site.

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made this instead of doing actual work.

Looks exactly like Shibuya

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I'm constantly in nail biter "you're in the lead" "you've lost the lead" matches (team play). So they must be doing something right.

I'm actually having fun with it. I feel like I'm frustrating people just as much as they are frustrating me.

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