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made this instead of doing actual work.

Looks exactly like Shibuya

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I'm constantly in nail biter "you're in the lead" "you've lost the lead" matches (team play). So they must be doing something right.

I'm actually having fun with it. I feel like I'm frustrating people just as much as they are frustrating me.

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confideration on XBL

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Everyone with an anime avatar is SUPER INTO IT

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what are we going to do with Asia, guys?

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I saw people doing that and a duder told me what they were up to. My reaction is that it seems boring. But if you are at a place where there is a means to an end... more power to you. I don't fault anyone for grinding in any game if they have the stomach for it.

I'd rather cruise around doing patrol missions or seeing what ledges I can boost up to while shooting stuff. Or just straight up doing crucible or strike missions.

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You know... I had to actually look up what the fuck gamergate was 3 weeks after it supposedly happened?

Just an FYI there are people that use the Internet, and who are gamers, who don't have fuck all clue what is going on when someone at a PAX panel says people on the Internet are being mean.

proof that ignoring that shit, works

so... don't link to perpetuating nonsense

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I see WoW mentioned a lot as a good example comparison, but Everquest was far more brutal.

Both games eventually tuned the endgame encounters to let more casual players experience them.

Bungie doesn't want to see it's flagship raid content facerolled in the launch window.

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On the other side of this though are the failed Star Wars MMOs. I love Star Wars to death but when it stopped telling me it's story and asked me to "be a part of it" or whatever, I lost the thread.

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Not getting it

Sorry that's all I got