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I just can't even... not coming up with any words right now. Ryan was a huge part of my happiness. , It seems silly, maybe? I only met him once... at the state run liquor store in Seattle for PAX in 2010. He recommended me a bottle of Eagle Rare, we talked about PAX, the panel you guys were going to have, and was a generally nice guy and I didn't even know his name at the time. All I could summon was... "uh... hey! uh... Giantbomb!" He was cool with that. I felt like a moron.

He's been the friend on the other end of that TV, iPhone, PC, whatever for many years. That friend that never hears me, but is always willing to talk about videogames, or stupid shit.

I frequently go back to the archives, and I will never be able to hear "HEY EVERYBODY ITS TUESDAY", or watch another video that opens up to his grinning face without getting teary-eyed.

Thank you, Ryan. My heart goes out to your friends and family.

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10 years ago I would have had the time to engage in this dialogue. I will say this, however: If this means less day 1 digital downloads I'm going to be pretty disappointed.

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They could have used the Steam model with offline mode, or extended the check in time, but thanks to consumer confusion and whining we are losing features, and FRANKLY, choice.

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I will have both consoles. I don't sell my games. Personal preference.

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On the bright side, someone thinks Star Wars is still a brand that can sell video games. That's not been backed up by actual numbers in quite some time.

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I need to see a video of that Power of Love performance.

OK, since you asked...

That's how you own it, kids. That's, how you own it.

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There are many comments on this article.

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i quit when i was killed by a guy with 'wicked badass' armor and dual pistols who shot me 3 times after i blasted him with a heavy machinegun for a good 8 seconds before he even turned around . . ..

Was this some other game? I don't think there are dual pistols.

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I dropped $100 on triple Station Cash day. Granted I really love Planetside.

Some of the things behind the pay wall are lame, but if you stick with the basic weapons and cert them up you can have a pretty awesome time.

I know this because all my SC is for one TR character, but I do play others and refuse to spend money on them.