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I was way into internetting before twitter and facespace or whatever came along. Back when you just got into arguments on forums and early blogs. It was fun there for about 2 years, making anonymous rants and trolling people. Now I just sit back and watch others discover how there's no end, no benefit to any of it. The cycle will continue. This is the norm.

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3 things

I think the Kinect being packed in is cool, great for developers.

I think the Kinect being an optional thing to have turned on, via privacy settings, or (tinfoil hat time) hardware modification via tape and/or knife (cut the white wire!), is great as well.


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This applies to both the PS4 and the XBOX One: the x86 architecture. It means less cost that developers have to absorb to bring titles out on PC, PS4, and XBOX One, meaning more competition in the marketplace, which ultimately means (hopefully) lower prices on quality entertainment.

Next is probably the HDMI input. That's the most disruptive thing to happen this generation. It's simple, but it has so much potential.

Then the focus on making the app switching quick, and the instant on feature (if that makes it to final release).

Beyond that I suppose the games will be great, but they really seem to be lagging as far as Indy games are concerned. The XBOX team needs a dose of Balmer's famous "DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS DEVELOPERS" pep talk.

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Met Ryan at a state run liquor store in Seattle a couple years ago during PAX. He was buying Eagle Rare, and some cheap stuff "for those OTHER knuckleheads". I got a bottle of Eagle Rare myself and thanked him for the recommendation.

I always wondered if he tried any of that Bookers they always had in the background on set. I love that stuff but it's WAY strong. Single barrel stuff usually is though.

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OK team... time to re-think. Give me a donate button or something. Don't make me buy this shirt I can never wear.

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Great article/thread going on here. I built and manage a small VMWare cluster... 6 hosts, about 100 VMs. I love the nitty gritty details about how it all works.

What you guys are talking about with memory limits, etc... VMWare and Hyper-V call it "ballooning".

In VMWare they accomplish ballooning with an application running inside the "guest", which is the virtual machine running on the hypervisor. This little application answers the hypervisor's request to it, to ask the guest VM for some memory. That memory is then actually available to other VMs running on the same box.

The hypervisor monitors the difference between allocated and active memory. You allocate 2GB for a VM, but it may only be using 200MB of that most of the time, so the rest of the memory can usually be used for ballooning.

Now... there's a slight performance hit when you balloon, but you can mitigate the performance hit with really fast RAM. Good thing these new consoles have that!

There are lots of other great benefits to VMs and hypervisors I can see coming to consoles. Like maybe I have 2 XBOX One's and I want to stop playing in one room, and resume playing in another. Not with a game save and the 'cloud' or anything like that. The hypervisor can actually move the game and it's active state over to the other console on my LAN. Fringe functionality maybe, but something like this could be possible. It's extremely usable for businesses and their applications for a variety of reasons.

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There are factual inaccuracies in a lot of these stories. Microsoft responded to a few of them but obviously can't share the exact process the government has to go through to retrieve data. The same goes for the rest of the American companies required by law to comply with these laws.

It's a tough thing to debate. If this is one way to catch bad guys then you really dont want to tell those bad guys how you're gathering information on them. However, a program like this should aim to keep the public trust. I don't know how you do that without disclosure.

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@thunderslash: Then novels show up under the videos section in the crossbar thing when you have the HD collection disc in.

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I just can't even... not coming up with any words right now. Ryan was a huge part of my happiness. , It seems silly, maybe? I only met him once... at the state run liquor store in Seattle for PAX in 2010. He recommended me a bottle of Eagle Rare, we talked about PAX, the panel you guys were going to have, and was a generally nice guy and I didn't even know his name at the time. All I could summon was... "uh... hey! uh... Giantbomb!" He was cool with that. I felt like a moron.

He's been the friend on the other end of that TV, iPhone, PC, whatever for many years. That friend that never hears me, but is always willing to talk about videogames, or stupid shit.

I frequently go back to the archives, and I will never be able to hear "HEY EVERYBODY ITS TUESDAY", or watch another video that opens up to his grinning face without getting teary-eyed.

Thank you, Ryan. My heart goes out to your friends and family.

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10 years ago I would have had the time to engage in this dialogue. I will say this, however: If this means less day 1 digital downloads I'm going to be pretty disappointed.