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This site needs more Rorie Puppy Chat!

But yea, the hate today is weird. Let's just play windjammers and smile.

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Wildstar is a hot pile of garbage.

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I just beat it and went to post the same thing. I just...idk. I'll admit I was always playing the game slightly sleepy, so I'd keep accidentally moving one brother or another. I honestly would have preferred if I could alternate between brothers witha button, idk.

It was pretty, doe.

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It really depends on what you like, what you want, and what you already have?

If you're naked, no PC, no nuttin', I'd personally say PS4. If you have a 360/PC/PS3, grab a 3DS, the platform has great games if you like those types of games.

I haven't had too much experience, even though I really wanna play Soul Sacrifice

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Like, sure, it isn't as fast as downloading a Steam game or what not, but it's certainly adequate for me. If you want more than adequate, I don't know what to say.

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I listened to A Life Well Wasted a while ago, and the podcast has game themed anecdotes with music weaved throughout. This week's bombcast reminded me of that. Are there any other Podcasts that do that? For some reason I can focus better on work and listen to the show when it's edited like that. No idea why. :D

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I bought MW2 and L4D2 on 360 and PC. All my friends played on console, I had a rig, yolo

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Iantgay Ombbay

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