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How are they gonna cram all those outdated memes into a space-rts?

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Also, yeah, gay marriage is fine by me.

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I'm a super at the building that I live in. I have countless stories about stupidity, like the guy who lived alone managing to lock himself out of his own bathroom (all he needed to do was use a pin in the door), the lady who somehow "accidentally" threw out her bedding into the garbage compactor and wanted me to get it, the people who get pissed that I won't rent to them because they're jobless or the nice lady who once a week clogs her toilet by attempting to flush entire boiled potatoes. I'm basically a special ed babysitter.

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I played Wolfenstein and Blake Stone a lot when I was a kid. Blake Stone is on, not Steam.

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This made my day. Seriously.

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My fiancee and I both play video games and watch porn together. If anything, we bond over that stuff.

That being said, over indulgence of anything will fuck you up. Don't need a finger-pointy article by someone who clearly has a "be afraid of these here vidya games and girly sites" agenda to tell me that. Moderation, people. Moderation.

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@JonathanAshleyMoore said:

Blink-182. I'm sorry everyone, but they clearly didn't give a shit except having fun and I can totes get down with that.

Have you seen them recently... it's depressing as hell. They hate each other.

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Is it weird that I respect Ryan more now? Like, I don't condone the word or anything, but him manning the hell up about the slip up really struck a cord with me.

Ryan : don't let the internet idiots get you down. Your fans will move on, you should do the same.

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@Dany said:

Ryan said faggot on the stream.

He has since apologized.

Ryan Davistaswell

that was a personal low in a lot of ways. my apologies.

He apologized on the stream too. A lot.

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This looks like a game I'd rather watch being played than actually play. Still not sure if that's a bad thing or not.