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I'd love it if it turned out you just had it on backwards the whole time and hadn't realised. :p

Worth noting while you're looking that you can apparently use any headset with standard pink/green 3.5mm connections using a Y adapter. Should be fairly easy to pick one up cheaply and it largely broadens your options as you can use most PC headsets as a result. Around that price range I've used Steelseries Siberia V2s for a while and they did a good job but I was never that happy with the mic quality. Very comfortable though. Alternatively (and a little cheaper) I used Turtle Beach PX21s prior to that and really liked them until the cable gave out, although that was probably mostly my fault for not looking after them.

Haha yea man I TRIPLE checked to make sure I wasnt being stupid :P, they were definitely on correctly!

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@conker: I've the same headset but I don't have that issue. Did you put the audio configuration on for Destiny?

Yep. Tried all the configurations possible on the headset, same issue. It's really, REALLY distracting.

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I quite like my Sony Wireless Stereo headset. Im no audiophile but they sound great for me. It has easy to reach mute, volume, and game/voice balance sliders. The battery is pretty great in them and the mic quality is good. I can wear them for long periods of time and dont find them to be irritating. It works with PS3/PS4/PC and its only 99 bucks, although you might find them for less since they are the older model. I tried Sony's Gold headset and didnt like them as much.

I am actually gonna be returning the Sony Gold headset tomorrow. I dont like it at all; the left and right sounds are switched in the game (Destiny). What I mean by that is: ill hear shooting in my headphones in my right ear but its actually coming from the left. So weird!

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Hey gang,

So I'm looking to get a decent gaming headset in the ~$100 range. My only must have in the headset is that I have the ability to mute my mic from the headset itself. Otherwise, wireless/wired etc is not a huge deal.

I should also mention that I live in Canada.


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Wolfenstein: New Order if you haven't played it yet

Personally thought it was way overrated. I would wait for Desitny next Tuesday!

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Lots of people in this thread don't understand the context or how the game works.

When you hit competitive you go through matchmaking, you don't pick who you play with or against and you don't pick a server either. Temporary bans are issued automatically for leaving a game, team killing, being vote kicked by other players etc. Each time increasing the duration.

In my experience, automatic bans like this without an appeal process are always more punishing to normal players. Emergency do happens forcing you to leave, a team full of jackasses happens, a server lagging like shit happens. All those things happen all the fucking time. And with no way to block specific players from being matched with you this can be a real problem. Play enough matches and it's not that rare from playing with the same players more than once since you are still matched with players of similar skills.

Hit the nail on the head. Frustrating beyond belief!

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Keep going through different servers until you find one you like and stick with it. Going to random servers all the time means you will have to deal with a variety of different communities, and their different attitudes. There are definitely servers out there that are no bullshit and closely moderated (going by my experience with tf2, which has a similar server set up).

I had no idea. How do I access the server browser in CSGO?

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@branthog said:

Wait, what? How do you get banned from the game or your whole account? Wouldn't you just be banned from that server?

He said "competitive match", so maybe he's in matchmaking and not server browsing?

I usually play Casual matchmaking or Arms Race and have never been banned/kicked/whatever. Having friendly fire on in a CS game with randoms seems like a bad idea anyway. Fine if you're playing with friends, but there are too many terrible people in public matchmaking. I don't have to worry about that jackass who shoots all over the place for no good reason.

Aren't matchmaking servers often servers external to Valve? So if someone who has a ranked server chooses to ban you (or one of their admins does), you're banned from all of matchmaking or wider? That seems illogical. Surely they require a long-established trend of evidenced misbehavior before automating the enforcement of such a punishment?

I'm actually not sure how CS:GO's matchmaking works, I thought it was all run by Valve.

In any case, @conker, can you get into Casual, Arms Race, or Demolition matches, or can you get into something in the server browser? You should probably contact Valve Support as well, see if they can't do anything about it.

Also, I have seen a lot of people in CS:GO's chat accuse AWP players of using aimbots. If you're really good with that rifle, maybe some people reported you? It's just a thought, maybe a dumb one, but I dunno. Worth checking out.

Had no idea there was a server browser in there. Usually I just go to the to competitve matches and it does its magic, then you get the 'ready button'.

For those wondering, I am only on 'cooldown' for competitive, ranked play. I can play casual, demolition, arms race, and deathmatch still. Those dont really appeal to me though I wanna be playing good ol CS rules

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@keirgo said:
@conker said: Is there a way to block players so that I wont be matched with them in the future?

Total shot in the dark here, not sure if it works for CS:GO, but I do know it does work in L4D2, so it is worth a try. If you block someone from their Steam profile, they will no longer be able to join your game.

Again, I don't know if it works in CS:GO, but they both use Steamworks for matchmaking, I believe.

Someone correct me if I am wrong.

any way i blocked him. hoping i dont run into him again