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I can't believe they're charging full price for this game though. Seems more like a 40-50 dollar game

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Please Bethesda please Doom and Elder Scrolls 6 please

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@glottery said:

I enjoyed the whatshisname crazy gundealer priest. Not that he was exactly original or so, but the performance on both animation and voiceacting made him fun.

My crazy theory: The priest guy is the canonical protagonist from Far Cry 2. Diamonds n shit.


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Smoke and Stryker for me. I'd love to see Kabal, Nightwolf and Cyber Sub Zero as well.

I'm going to go replay MK9 now. Damn that story mode was SO GOOD!

Oh man, I JUST remembered that cyborg sub zero was a thing. BRING HIM BACK!

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I'm also waiting for Mileena. I'm happy to see Kung Lao, though.

I'm amazed that Kung Lao got an announcement before Liu Kang did (this is assuming that Liu Kang will be in this one)

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Dvorah looks rad!

Also, I'm hoping Sub Zero moves a *little* bit faster overall this game

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Honestly, if Smoke is announced as DLC then this will be the first I game I ever buy DLC for ever. So hyped for MKX!

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Skarlet wound up as my main in MK9. I would obviously like her to be in X, but I have literally zero hope it's going to happen.

At this point I'm hoping if he isnt announced in the main game, he'll come in as DLC. Also, Kratos pls

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I'm reaaally beginning to worry that Smoke wont be included in the roster for this game. He's basically my main and, while im still 100% buying the game, it would be a huge bummer.

Who's your main and has he/she been announced or are you fretting like I am?