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Alright peeps, you might wanna be sitting down for this next bit of info:

According to a guy working at my local video game retail store that shall not be named, GTAV will launch alongside next gen consoles as a launch title. Yep. You read that right!

Also, there will actually be TWO PS4 packages, the regular 399 one and another model that should come with a larger harddrive, for a yet unknown price!

Taje this will a grain of salt? Or not? the choice is yours!

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Darksiders 1. I think that is the first game EVER to literally just cause me to be straight up BORED. Played it for maybe 2-3 hours.

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Drivatar God damn it

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@theht: yep, found that out the hard way. Though if you keep pressing forward on the stick you can avoid fall damage if the fall isnt too high!

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@nictel: you gotta climb up the vines to a room where you get the sling shot. After that climb up some more near the chest in the main room on the second floor till you face those giant skull bug things. Kill one then jump to break the Web!

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@supamon: a common mistake made, zelda is the princess. Your character is called Link.

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@iburningstar: do you mean 'Link' using a sword? You have to find the sword bud, he's not just gonna pull it out of his rear end

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@oscar__explosion: I think Link should always be a silent character. Bummer that other characters don't talk though. Probably hardware limitations. But with these graphics I don't even care!