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Do we have a time frame? I have an idea, but my time is basically booked up until sunday.

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Man of Steel: $48.3 million

Monsters University: $90.3 million

World War Z: $31.2 million

Total: $169.8 million

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@pickassoreborn: Yup. I think they even addressed this once on the Bombcast, after another user saw coke using it for something.

Nothing wrong with stock art. After all, it looked pretty damn good when combined with the illustrations.

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@djjoejoe: Heh. Yeah, so in my search for free vintage textures, I grabbed from a lot of sources. Pretty sure that's a remnant of an old blue-print sheet.

If @ryan wants that fixed/removed, here it is.

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@regal: Huh. Weird.

While I think I like the vinyl one more, I'm kind of glad @ryan picked this one. I want my toothy bomb... thing as big as possible on everyone's screen.

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@regal: Where do you see it? I can't tell which one they used. iTunes is still showing TurboToaster's image for me.

Again, thanks everyone!

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There was some good competition in here. Pretty stoked to know that this might be something left open, because I have a few other ideas that might take a little bit longer.

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I was just tooling around in Photoshop, trying to figure out how legible my submission would be, if actually used on an iphone (or in itunes). Ended up making this:

The podcast app has blurry text, so I might take a second pass at the mockup. But it all looks super crisp on my phone, so I'm not too worried about that. In general, just gives a decent idea of how it all might look.

Here's a link to my template, if you're interested in making your own:

Ignore the font warnings - just don't replace any text, and you'll be fine.

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@perryvandell: Yeah, coke zero, pepsi max, Dr Pepper 10 are all geared towards men in their advertisements. Probably because diet soda was originally marketed towards ladies.

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@abendlaender said:

They should just cycle through all of them (of course they can't do that but holy shit there is so much awesome in this thread)

They can totally do that. It's not like podcast law makes you stick with one image. I imagine that only one person will "win", though.