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The achievement hoarding side of me wants to pick this up on the console. Which one are you guys getting it on?

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Looks like the Roku app is crashing whenever a video is played

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Just added the roku app. You guys might have to split the Endurance run into 2 categories. Not all of the Persona videos are there :(

Also it appears that HD content is not streaming in HD, even after linking my account. That might have something to do with the app not being live yet though..

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Looking foreward to this. Hope we get a release date soon!

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@chan05: Any omnibuses that you can pick up are a great (cheap) method of getting into the series. They are massive, but worth the 10-15 bucks you'll pay for them. Specifically I'd say go for the Gaunt's Ghost one's, there are 3 of them and all are amazing.

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edit: a chloe card or a Matt Rorie card or a Matt with Cloe card has got to be coming

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Patches. You could do all the mascots and even some of the characters of the crew

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Hey guys. Does anyone else all of a sudden have issues logging into the app? I suddenly cannot access any of the videos and I really want to watch the pax panel

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@Jimbo_N: Same

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