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Everyone loves a smartass, especially one as special and universally significant as you are. (Not specifically aimed at the poster above, just a general truth. But I suppose, if the shoe fits...)

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@Owlhead: To be honest, I'd never heard of Cinema Snob before now. I used to watch a lot of the movies from, which I assume predates TheCinemaSnob by quite a bit as I've been visiting that site for close to a decade. I've always loved REALLY GREAT bad movies.

Edit: That being said, I just watched the Cinema Snob episode... Nice...

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Riki-Oh - The Story of Ricky, the infamous head smash is just the tip of the iceberg on this little gem.

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I heard your plea on the Bombcast, Patrick. The community is here to help.

Post up your ideas for the best Thanksgiving movies so that Patrick has something to watch between his "30 Days of Horror" and his Christmas season viewing.

I'll throw down with a nice transition piece between Halloween and Thanksgiving, that holiday classic, ThanksKilling!

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Gobble, Gobble, Mutherfucker!

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I had no problem with the game. Couldn't take some of the voice acting in the cut scenes, particularly Samus, but the the game itself was quite good.

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My favorite will always be MGS 1 as it was the first one that really captured a cinematic feel.  I can remember playing that game multiple times over on my PS1 and being just as engrossed each time.

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The online play in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, especially the 4 on 4, gets the heart racing every time!

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Sorry guy, I've been gaming for over three decades and as long as I've been around, there's ALWAYS been disappointments.  Anyone else actually remember Pac-man and E.T. for the 2600?   
 I still have nightmares of playing Pac-man for the first time at home................

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I had the Tetris theme going through my head yesterday, today is a vapid wasteland of non-sense.