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Thanks Patrick, I had fun at the Seattle MolyJam. It was a unique experience and I would do it again next year. If you get a chance, check out "Pathology". I think it might be a good game for "Breaking Brad", just saying.

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Here's our entry from Seattle. It's my first game jam and first game.



It was an awesome experience. I made a bunch of friends and had a ton of fun. I worked on Art and Music with one other programmer. I would totally do something like this again. The programmer and I will continue to stay in touch to further polish the game and possibly work on another project. I didn't know what to expect out of just our 2 person team, but I'm incredibly happy and proud of what we made. It's super fun and ridiculous. There is a "Heaven" ending which no-one has seen yet. Anyone up for the challenge? I would love to see a youtube 'perfect' playthrough!

Please check it out guys!!


PS you need the latest JRE on PC to run it

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81st, nice! Best finish on any quest so far, I think?

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Wow, not Super Mario Bros 3, that is a huge letdown GB.

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Great job Jeremy! Hurr Durr Derp

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Halo X-2!! I want to dress up master chief in dresses and sing j-pop!

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Beautiful Katamari, 
I <3 Cookies

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@MattyFTM: Awesome, thanks a bunch!! ...Thanks to everyone involved in getting that back up and running!
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I'm a total achievement whore, I have over 100k GS and almost 30 completions. I'm wondering, once the achievements syncing is fixed, does GB count my S Ranks for the quest that I've already got, or does it count S Ranks that I get after I synced? So will my current S Ranks complete the quest or am I starting fresh once they are synced? 
I hope the question makes sense. I would assume that I would just finish the whole quest line with the amount of achievements and S-ranks I have. Are the achievements almost fixed?

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I'm drinking Lemonade right now and it's disgusting. The only reason I even considering trying it was because it's been in the news recently. I had no idea what it was before the Central Washington University party where a bunch of people got mad sick off of it. I don't think I will ever drink it again. Do people actually like it and drink it? If you've had it, what is your favorite flavor?