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@sinusoidal: Ok I will head down to the local Guitar Center and take a look at one, I bet they'll have one. Might have rocksmith as well.

I wouldn't buy the bundled guitar. Go to GC (like you plan to) and mess with the guitars there. You should be able to find a better one around that price though almost anything under $300-$400 is probably going to not be so great. I noticed Vinny having to retune after every song which shouldn't be the case right after one song.

If I am not mistaken, the first Rocksmith required you to retune before every song, regardless of what guitar is being used. So I'd assume its still the case with 2014.

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@monkeyman04: What do you mean by "having videos as embeds," if you don't mind me asking? Where are you trying to embed it? And I'm presuming you meant the Shadowrun Returns Quick Look? Kind of curious that you don't have the sticky button on that video.

He means that any video that is embedded into a story (like the shadowrun review) or a forum topic it will not work, but the normal video pages will work (quicklooks). None of the buttons on the video player do anything other than turn white when you mouse over like normal, but the Youtube and HTML 5 options will change to "members only" even though I am a member.

I am having the same problem on Chrome with no extensions running but does not happen when I switch to incognito mode or on IE.

Here is a better screenshot showing that it is actually embedded into a story.

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Browser: Chrome
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Type Of Player: It says it is set to youtube
  • Adblock: On and Off
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Would love to check this out, but cannot access it from the Australian ios store, is it possible to fix that?

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It is very cool that he is in remission, it is a great feeling and a huge weight off of your entire body when you get told those results.

I find it strange that he and so many people refer to it as "beating" cancer though, sure he decided to go through with the chemo but it has not been his skills or abilities that has seen him survive this far, its just luck, cancer is not fair.

Its not as if all the people who have died to it did not try hard enough when getting their chemo every two weeks, they were just unlucky, they booked that checkup two months too late or they just happened to not show any signs of it. Cancer just sucks and its shitty realising that you have very little control over whether or not you live to see your 10th, 30th or 60th birthday.

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Why would you not ask this before you ordered the card?

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@TheJazzProphet: I have owned two Carcharias, both have died in one of the ears within a year. I would not recommend buying a Carcharias, I have also seen friends Razer headsets stop working as intended (the wireless surround sound one wireless capabilities stop working causing them to have it plugged in all the time).

I use razer mice/keyboard and think they are great, but would never use their headsets again.

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You might want to invest in some storage boxes.

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Voted for A, I am fine with them implementing it into their games, but not how they presented it.

It felt like every time I walked into the citadel their was a conversation going on between a gay couple or about a gay couple and it felt just so very shoehorned in.

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I really enjoyed it too, went in expecting a very boring movie but came out really liking it. Not for a moment did I feel the need to look at my watch (pretty good indicator of a movie dragging for me) or did I feel there were to many plot points that were jammed into the movie (other then perhaps a wedding scene out of nowhere).

I do not see why so many people are comparing it to Avatar. Avatar felt like a tech demo, showcasing what could be done with special effects/3d and not once did I feel immersed in the movie, yet I thought the special effects in John Carter (did not see it in 3d) were superb due to how well they were used, I actually thought of the green Martians as actual people and none of the flying/jumping/fighting scenes felt hokey.

I really hope it picks up in the box office, or at least does well in the dvd/bluray sales as I feel it really deserves it, just a shame the marketing was so terrible, I would not of seen it if not for my gf wanting to.