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While all these suggestions are great, they are also wrong.

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Is it possible to get a feed for the bombcast premium from the api? I couldn't get the rss feed to work with the software I'm using as it only supports HTTP authentication.

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Rest in peace, Ryan.

Condolences to Ryans family and friends. He will be missed greatly.

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1. Yes

2. Just because a mobo is a mobo doesn't mean it can't be a hot prototype. That said he called it a "chip" not a mobo, which seemed kinda odd to me.

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I think updating review scores is fine, but wouldn't it get problematic fairly quickly? How long are you going to follow these games? Will you change the score of an MMO to 0 once it's shut down? Will you halve the score of a sports game when it's online servers are shut down? Will you update the score every time there is a major outage or problem with the game?

While I would appriciate seeing an up to date status on a game such as the life of online servers, the stability, or if its still supported with pathces or updates I don't really think review scores is the way to go. I think this would be a great feature for GB. If we had a section on every game saying the current status of the product then that would serve this purpose well.

The thing I have a problem with however is reviews based on a product which doesn't exist. Reviews of games which isn't a representation of what the costumer can buy is down right misleading and should be illegal. It would be like reviewing a deluxe super special edition of a car and then using that as the basis of the cheapest and most basic model out there. Reviews should *never* be fixed in stone before a game is actually out and the reviewer has hands on the actual product they are reviewing.

It starts getting into weird territory though when games fundementally change down the line, such as the removal of the fast forward feature... Perhaps one could do a re-review down the line in some cases?

If polygon wants to keep an up to date score of the game as it is every single time, thats fine with me, but I'm not sure I'd call it a review, it would be more like a status tracker of some kind.

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Ask most industry prognosticators whether or not they saw the disastrous launch of EA's online-always SimCity coming, and they'll nearly universally answer yes.

"Did you or did you not see the launch disaster coming?"


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Sorry, are you from the past?

Failed formats I've invested in? Anything I have which isn't DRM free digital I consider to be a failure or soon to be so. The possible exception being Steam games.

It's not long until all media is digital only, if it's not then I'm not going to keep it around, if it's DRM protected in a way that makes it useless down the line then its doomed as well.

I've had MiniDisc, Walkman, CD Walkman, VHS, DVD, CD Players Casette players and a bunch of other junk. The result is at some point I either had to rip it or toss it unless I wanted a huge stack of junk collecting dust.

Today all my media is digital, with the exception of console games on discs. I stream music and video from to my phone, computer or anything else I might use.

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I'm using Subsonic to download the mp3's and it does work with but I can't read that in my browser.

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Did the new site kill the RSS feed? I got an error from my downloader today...

I tried clicking the RSS link in the podcast, but it links to this:

Which doesn't seem to be a proper xml page?

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This is how my favorite franchine and faith in the future of gaming died.